The Health Benefits And Risks Of Saunas And Steam Rooms

The Health Benefits And Risks Of Saunas And Steam Rooms

Saunas and steam rooms have become the favorite routes for people who wish to experience unmatched relaxation. Each place offers advantages, but people can’t stop wondering which is better and healthier between these two options.

If you’ve been to your local spa or health club right after a long and tiring work, then you’ve probably set foot in a steam room or a sauna. But, did you know that these places can offer more services than just merely providing relaxation after an exhausting day at the office?

The Health Benefits And Risks Of Saunas And Steam Rooms

A sauna room and a steam room have their distinct features, services or treatments offered. Each room is also associated with specific health benefits and health risks that you need to know to decide which among the two is better and safer to use. There might be a never-ending sauna versus steam room debate, but taking the time to learn about them and weigh your option can help you end up with the right choice.

Steam Room’s Health Benefits and Risks

Steam rooms provide significant benefits to health, but it cannot be denied that using these rooms also comes with risks. The number of advantages, however, outweighs the number of risks. More people still visit steam rooms more often despite these risks.

The steam room and its features

A steam room, also known as a Turkish-style bath, offers moist heat. Steam rooms are commonly tiled and airtight, so moisture created by the steam generator is trapped. You can feel the steam in the air and your skin as soon as you enter a steam room. These types of the room were built to accommodate about 95%-100% humidity. Steam rooms’ temperature might range from 100-120 degrees.

Benefits of steam rooms to health

Those who spend time in steam rooms will instantly see and experience the excellent skin benefits. Moisture is responsible for keeping the skin smooth and fresh, but the perks don’t end here. The moist heat coming from the steam room helps in relieving congestion and symptoms of colds. This heat works more effectively when mixed with eucalyptus oil.

People experiencing sore muscles can also find relief upon sitting in a steam room for few minutes. Steam rooms are known to reduce stress. It’s difficult to say that steam rooms reduce stress just by sitting there. Nevertheless, many people can attest to the wonders that steam rooms do in stress reduction.

The Health Benefits And Risks Of Saunas And Steam Rooms

Steam rooms’ potential health risks

Steam rooms may overheat, so it’s not advisable to overstay in these rooms. When you’re inside a steam room, know that the sweat which is supposed to keep you cool doesn’t evaporate appropriately because of the air moisture.  This scenario results in increased core and skin temperature.

People who are not fully accustomed to the heat from steam rooms might experience nausea, dizziness, and fainting while using the steam room. To remain hydrated, experts recommend limiting the time in a steam room, particularly if you’re a beginner. Avoid using the steam rooms when under the influence of drugs and alcohol or when taking medications.

Sauna Room’s Health Benefits and Potential Risks

Just like steam rooms, sauna rooms also have their sets of health benefits and potential risks. Before using a sauna room, make sure you’re aware of the sound effects and risks to maximize or regulate your usage. Despite some risks, sauna rooms are known to deliver more benefits to sauna goers.

The unique features of sauna rooms

Sauna rooms offer dry heat. You may experience low or high moisture depending on the type of sauna you use. The level of humidity you will encounter in a sauna depends on the kind of sauna room you use. A sauna is a type of room usually heated to 150-195 degrees with humidity that ranges from 10% to 60%.

There are various saunas, but the most commonly used are smoke saunas, electric saunas, wood-burning saunas, and infrared saunas. Each type of sauna uses different kinds of materials in producing heat and has distinct features to offer. Despite the differences, all these sauna rooms provide attractive health benefits.

The health benefits of sauna rooms

Studies revealed the impacts of using a sauna on cardiovascular health and other possible outcomes. Certain studies have shown modest effects on chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, headache, heart failure, and dementia. Using a sauna regularly is believed to help people live longer.

According to the Annals of Medicine report, frequent use of sauna was linked to reduced mortality risk. If combined with cardiovascular fitness can deliver more survivor benefits. Regular use means about 3 to 7 visits to a sauna every week.

Moreover, the University of Wisconsin (UW) School of Medicine and Public Health shares that using a sauna increases the benefits you get from your usual regular exercise. Sauna therapies are proven more beneficial after working out to relax and soothe the muscles.

Possible health risks of sauna rooms

The high heat from sauna rooms can cause dizziness and faintness. Pregnant women should not use sauna rooms because high heat can be dangerous for them. People with a history of high-risk medical conditions like cardiac conditions, liver failure, or kidney disease are also advised not to use sauna therapies. Other potential risks of sauna rooms include dehydration and increased blood pressure.

The Health Benefits And Risks Of Saunas And Steam Rooms

Consider talking with your physician before using a sauna room. This option is an excellent way of knowing the necessary precautions and ensuring your protection. An expert can quickly tell if using a sauna room is safe and suitable for you or not.


Steam rooms and sauna rooms provide risks and health benefits, so you better choose based on your personal preference and needs. To end up with the right choice, do your research. Take the time to learn and discover what your actual needs are and consider your health condition too. By doing so, you can expect ultimate enjoyment, relaxation, and benefits on the type of room you choose.

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