Who are we? Why are we so unique?

There are a lot of reasons why we are unique. The most important reason is the product that we stand behind. You will be hard-pressed to find real cedar barrel saunas outside of physically traveling deep into the mountains of Scandinavia, or venturing deep into the heart of the Nordic countries. Our product comes with over a thousand years of culture and tradition, carefully handcrafted by experts, and delivered to your door.

Herbs: Our Secret Ingredient

We are unique because of our knowledge and access to very rare and specific species of herbs that are used for therapeutic purposes that Europeans have used for millennia. Further, we can recommend specific herbs for specific ailments and conditions that will restore your sense of body and mind. We also have direct connections to farmers and herbalists around the world that specialize in curating these organic and rare specimen.

Customer Service

Yes, our customer service is exceptional, and we’ll happily answer any questions or concerns you might have. Yes, our products are guaranteed to your utmost satisfaction and we believe that they will work exactly to your high expectations when they arrive. However, that doesn’t make us unique. Those are just the reasons why we are a trusted company and your direct source to the healthiest combination of relaxation and restoration found in a cedar barrel that can fit on in your bathroom or patio. We are unique because our products will transform your life, your family, and your house forever. Both aesthetically and practically, the Cedar Barrel Sauna will become life-changing for your friends and family.

Health Promotion

The promotion of your health, both inside your body and outside, will drastically improve your mental and physical well being. We have recommended herbs to pair perfectly with any ailment or issue you or your body might be experiencing. Welcome to the wonderful world of being a part of an ancient tradition and a favorite pastime of all of Northern Europe – the proud owner of Cedar Barrel Sauna.

Be Part of Healthy Community

From potentially prolonging your life to improving your heart’s condition, there are many benefits of having a sauna at home.

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