Made of Authentic Cedar Wood

Doesn’t Require any Plumbing

Size is Perfect for Residential Indoors

Why Buy A Steam Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Experience a wonderful sauna session in the comfort of your own home. Get this Luxury Cedar Barrel Sauna:

  • Personalized Sauna unit to prevent cross-contamination and germs from shared Sauna rooms/facilities
  • Made of Authentic Cedar Wood
  • Cedar is known for its Antimicrobial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • The Steam Generator included in the package is made of Stainless Steel. Durable and rigid enough to last long
  • Very Affordable
  • Recharge yourself both physically and emotionally
  • Decrease stress level
  • Enhance respiratory and cardiovascular health, and improve your immune system

RECHARGE YOURSELF both physically and emotionally

Every day, you are engaged in various activities that consume you a lot and slows you down. Busy working schedule and hectic school matters are trying to pull you down. That’s why; it’s really important to take a break once in a while and RECHARGE YOURSELF both physically and emotionally.
We will also discuss the many health benefits of cedar wood essential oils, as well as the many reasons why you should try our organic Cedar Barrel Sauna, which we are so happy to present to our readers.

Heal muscles faster

The best way to keep fit and maintain good health is to work out and do regular exercises in the gym. But there is an even better way to maximize the results of a work-out, as proved by many experts and professionals. Sauna sessions help to relieve you of the extra tightness and cramping by increasing blood circulation to your muscles to result in a relaxed muscle with less sensitivity.

If you have a gym at home and you are wondering if you have to go all the way to the sauna, you got covered with the Rebirth PRO cedar barrel mini saunas that can be installed in your home for the perfect sauna experience. The sauna is easy to assemble and can fit well in your house as it is small and compact, consuming little space. Besides, natural cedar has been included in the system to fasten up your healing process and also the weight loss process. The sauna is easy to use and adjust according to your preferences.

NFL’s Kwon Alexander

takes a relaxing and rejuvenating dive into RebirthPro’s Cedar Barrel Sauna, soothing the challenges and pains of his rigorous workout routine in between intensive training sessions.

The sauna keeps me right for the game and right for the week” – Live Like a Pro With Cedar Barrel Saunas!

Kwon Alexander

Combining the steam in the sauna with the right herbs can indeed upraise the experience and the health benefit

Exposing yourself to a controlled amount of heat and humidity can give you the best feeling ever, especially when you had a very exhausting week. And that’s how sauna works— to give you a temporary escape from the things that stress you out. Generally, a sauna is a heat-concentrated room with about 70 to 100 degrees temperature. Staying in this compartment for a pleasurable duration gives the user a space to relax with the help of warm humidity manipulation. As the body temperature gradually increases, the heart-rate also escalates in a relieving pace to cool down the body. And this is where the feeling of easiness begins to develop.

Many studies have been conducted and proven that sitting in this heat-exposing room has a significant contribution towards body wellness. Increase in body temperature makes the heart-rate increases a bit from the normal. With this, the blood vessels are loosened up, bringing the blood circulation at ease. That’s why; people get relaxed as they stay inside the sauna. Apart from relaxation benefits, it’s also proven that sauna helps people ease body pains, decrease stress level, enhance respiratory and cardiovascular health, and improve your immune system.

Part of the experience is the use of steam and natural herbs in catering to various purposes. Combining the steam in the sauna with the right herbs can indeed upraise the experience and the health benefit. Certain herbs contain various nutrients which are best for specific conditions. As the room heats up, the minerals are extracted and mix slowly with the steam. It enters the body and provides a wonderful sensation deep within.

Is it safe to use Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Yes, the use of Cedar Barrel Sauna is indeed safe. Once you have been guided on its components and the right way of usage, there’s no reason for you to get harm. This Cedar Barrel Sauna contains a steam generator where the heat is produced and regulated. It’s made from the most durable stainless steel so you can feel assured that the quality is supreme.

Will the space matter during the installation of Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Yes, but you don’t need to stress yourself out. As long as you have coordinated well with us, there’s no problem to expect. Basically, the Cedar Barrel Sauna will take up around 3ft in width and 3ft length. Height, on the one hand, will take up around 4.2ft. An electric port near to the space will also be helpful a lot.

Where is the best place to install Cedar Barrel Sauna?

The good thing here is you can place your newly-bought Cedar Barrel Sauna anywhere you want. As long as the space is giving you the comfort you need, you need not to worry a lot. Just make sure that it perfectly fits the size of your Cedar Barrel Sauna and there’s a power outlet nearby. Most commonly, people love to install their sauna in the bathroom. But to make it clear, it can be placed either indoor or outdoor. Whatever your choice is.

Do herbs upraise the sauna experience?

Yes. These natural herbs give a more enticing and relaxing flavor to your sauna session. In case you’re not aware, the mixing herbs and sauna steam are already being considered in Scandinavian countries because according to them, it dismantles the inner benefits of sauna.

How can sauna herb additives help?

The main point of sauna sessions mixed with herbs additives is to foster organic health and natural rejuvenation, which are all possible with the Cedar Barrel Sauna we provide. The idea of sauna steam infused with natural herbs is already a century-old relief used by our early ancestors. They called it Phytopar, a known therapeutic product using steam and herbs. Historians believe that this knowledge originated in the Scandic mountains thousand years before science had finally proven its effectiveness.

Can herbs help in weight loss?

There are specific herbs that are proven to be effective in helping people lose weight. Plants and herbs that work in reducing water retention cellulite include Japanese Sophora, hop, meadowsweet, cudweed, and chestnut. Basically, these herbs carry a particular oil that aids in the decrease of excessive water stored in fat cells.

What herbs can be perfectly partnered with saunas to yield restoration benefits?

After facing a lot of stress in the past months, you will surely need to restore the basic health status of your body. Immune system gets compromised, especially after getting in contact with extreme infections, intoxications, and tremendous in take of various drugs. In this case, it would be a lousy decision to just let your body heal itself without any interventions. So it’s really recommended to use organic healing remedies infused in sauna steam. On the shelf, the known herbs that can provide restoration benefits are nepeta cataria, leuzea, cocoa beans, pine tree cone, thyme, and elecampane.

Can herbs be used as an alternative medicine to flu infections?

Testimonies from many people backed the effectiveness of natural herbs as remedies for flu. They contain minerals that are immunomodulatory, bactericidal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. The magic herbs include sage, hop, eucalyptus, and thyme. They are of the best function with thermal intervention which is in the form of sauna. These herbs, together with the steam, can provide relief in the upper respiratory tract.

Is it true that herbs can induce a calming effect during a sauna session?

The basic effect of sauna is a calming sensation in your body. It relieves muscle pain and improves mindfulness. But with the help of herbs, the benefits can be raised into different multitudes. If your purpose is to nourish your bones and make it quite stronger, you should include herbs such as ziziphora, motherwort, origanum, peony, cocoa beans, and pine tree cone Everytime you will dip into the sauna.

Can herbs be a gateway to a more nourished and stronger bones?

Absolutely, yes. Chosen herbs are at their best when infused with heat in the form of sauna. Herbs that can provide a calming sensation to the body are wild rosemary, birch tree leaves, horsetail, chestnut, and potentilla. These are known to be anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and resolving. Primarily, they normalize the water and salt metabolism in your body that leads to the nourishment of your bones.

What is the first step to place my order?

Placing your order is very easy. Once you have chosen the product you prefer to purchase, you can just simply hit the “add to cart” button across it. Right after, you can proceed to your cart and click the “check out” button. This will lead you to a payment page where you should settle your financial account before they hand your order for shipment.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Your request for product alteration or cancellation will be acknowledged within 24 hours after you place it. Succeeding requests beyond the prescribed duration would no longer be entertained.

Can I transact without an account?

Definitely yes. You can place your order and settle your bills even without creating an official account named under you. But the downfall of this is that you’re not entitled to receive discounts and updates from the store.

Am I allowed to monitor my order?

Each order will carry a distinctive tracking number, and that is what you’re going to use to track your orders. Just hit the “tracking” button and it will take you to a particular page that views the logistics of your order.

What product warranties can I enjoy in ReBirth PRO?

All products you can find here at ReBirth PRO have warranties within a period of one year from the receipt of the product. All requests will be thoroughly checked and must come up with the findings that the product is proven to be defective. Products that pass the initial assessment will be subjected to either repair or replacement, shouldered by ReBirth PRO. On the other hand, the company will not acknowledge any damages incurred by improper or forced usage. If proven to tamper the damage, the one year warranty will be automatically deemed invalid. THE FOREGOING WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, Rebirthpros LLC shall not be liable for damages to goods, property, or persons due to improper installation or through attempts to utilize the goods under conditions which exceed the designed capabilities.

How can I apply for return or refund?

In case ReBirth PRO didn’t fit your necessities, we are more than willing to help you.


Upon the receipt of the product, you must be able to request for return within 14 days. Furthermore, the product must be in the original condition when requesting for return. It must be inside the same packaging. Proof of purchase will also be checked. If in case you lost the box or wrapper, you will be then charged 40% for the restocking fee.


At the moment we receive the item, our team will conduct a thorough examination of the product as we send you a notification that the product is already here. The result of the inspection will be hereby sent to you. If in case we approve your request, the refund will be sent directly through the payment method you use in the purchase. The duration depends on the credit card provider policies.

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