What Is A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Rebirth PRO saunas follow old Scandinavian traditions and create their wonderful product according to the ancient rules of sauna experience. For over millennia people around the world, including Ancient Egypt, Persia, Northern Europe, Japan, China, the Himalayas were using saunas and steam baths as a part of their cleansing the body and calming the mind ritual. Turkish hammams, Japanese baths, Scandinavian saunas – it is an endless list. All of those mankind creations may look familiar, but that’s not really the case. Some create steam, some use dry sauna air to open the pores and clean the body.

In Northern Europe, cedar barrels have existed for thousands of years. The principle of using one revolves around steam usage in an enclosed space, where your head will not get overheated. Your body will experience nice warm steam, it will open the pores, clean from toxins and just give you a wonderful sense of complete relaxation. During this procedure, you will be seated, with your whole body located inside the cedar barrel.

There are countless benefits to the cedar itself and the wonderful properties of cedarwood essential oils. Sitting in an enclosed space with hermetically sealed cedar barrel will make your body absolve all the moisture coming from the steam. That way you will get everything you need from a Turkish hammam, a Scandinavian sauna, and Japanese bath – altogether, without wetting your hair and overheating your head.

Rebirth PRO Saunas come with lots of wonderful perks and benefits. Firstly, this cedar barrel is very easy to install, operate and even disassemble when moving away. Secondly, it uses close to nothing of power and it can be ready for you in just fifteen minutes. Now compare it to the hot tub which takes up to 5 hours to heat up! Imagine having your guests over and realizing that the spa procedures will take place in only fifteen minutes, whenever you decide to!

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