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What makes us different from other companies that sell in-home saunas?


In public saunas in Europe nobody would ever consider shaving in the sauna. But with your own sauna you can do what you want. And there is no better shave than on the

Steam Sauna Benefits

With the busy lifestyle of today, we might not get all the time to relax and feel good while reaping health benefits out of it.

Sauna Etiquette

Sauna use has become a worldwide practice today. Initially, saunas were considered a luxury only for a few, but now saunas are easily accessed by anyone, as well as installed in homes for regular use.

Choosing a Sauna

Have you ever thought about which one is better – sauna, steam shower, or a hot tub? Or maybe they are all equally beneficial to our health and well-being?

Sauna Experience

Sauna experiences differ from one person to another. The very first one is especially peculiar since it can make you either like or dislike the sauna. If you are a first-timer, you do not have to worry;

Spa at home

Feeling a little too lazy today? There are a million options for you, but the best one can be the easiest to do. Enjoy your Spa Day at home with this Best In-Home Sauna

Sauna Buying Guide

Saunas here. Saunas there. Saunas over 3000 years ago and saunas today. Everywhere we look we seem to find people going into this hot rooms and come out relaxed as ever.

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