What Is A Hot Yoga?

What Is A Hot Yoga?

We all know what yoga is; the stretching exercises we engage in for purposes of flexibility as well as relaxing the mind. But there is more to it when the yoga exercises are done in a hot steam room like the sauna; it then becomes a hot yoga. Hot yoga is a new venture into the fitness and healthy lifestyle, with a clear intent to burn more calories than you could burn in the sauna. Hot yoga is relaxed and comfortable, but the results are intense and very effective. The ideology is spreading far and wide, and is being embraced by many well-being artists because of the benefits associated with it.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Cleansing the skin. The heat from the sauna enhances a lot of sweating on you. In return, the skin pores open up, releasing any harmful toxins and fats hidden underneath. In the end, your skin feels much better and cleaner. Now, if you add yoga, the result is even better, with a glowing skin devoid of all blemishes and toxins.

Detoxification. When the body sweats, the harmful toxic substances are eliminated from the body through the sweat. They help to rid your body of any chemicals and unwanted parties in the body system. Hot yoga improves the rate of detoxification and makes it even better than the sauna.

Muscle relaxation. Hot yoga is helpful to the body because it helps to relax muscles as you stretch and work out. The heat relaxes the muscles and makes it easier for you to pull the poses because the muscles are not as tight and tensed.

Increases flexibility. Hot yoga practices are best to make your body more flexible. This is because the heat, as mentioned, relaxes your muscles as you stretch out, making it easy for you to pose for long to achieve a higher level of flexibility.

Strength building. There is no better feeling than that of after a hot yoga session. Sweating, while sitting in a sauna, feels entirely different from sweating while stretching and doing the yoga poses. Your strength is replenished, and you feel your muscle activity at its best.

Double sweating for double results. Secretion of sweat in the human body is the best way to keep the body system fresh and clean. It, therefore, goes without saying that the more the sweat, the healthier you are. Hot yoga will make you sweat twice as much; one from the sauna heat and another from the stretching and posing activities.

Better mental state. Yoga on its own has vast effects on the state of the mental balance. Sauna, on the other hand, is essential in stabilizing the mind. Combine the two, and you have a session bursting with all the goodness of mental wellness. Relaxing your mind is vital to have fresh memories and fresh starts to all your days.

A better breathing system. Hot yoga works to broaden your lung spaces, and this results in a larger lung cavity, which in turn makes the respiratory exercises easy to achieve. Your breathing feels better and stronger without troubled interruptions.

Minimal health complications. As mentioned earlier, the double sweating means more toxins are flushed out of the system. As such, it results in the removal of infection-causing germs and chemicals that are responsible for conditions like asthma, unstable blood pressure, stress and depression, diabetes, etc.

Better blood circulation. With the harmful germs and chemicals expelled out of the body systems, the blood circulatory system is more vibrant and fast and efficient. Blood circulation ensures oxygen is distributed efficiently throughout the body; hence, you become more attentive and have better concentration.

Before Indulging in Hot Yoga

Consult your doctor for advice just in case you have a condition that can be accelerated by the heat. This is because some studies have expressed their concerns over the hot temperature.

Prepare a room in your sauna for the yoga. Yoga poses and stretches use quite some space. You do not want to be too squeezed up to enjoy your Yoga.

Drink a lot of water beforehand to remain hydrated before the hot yoga sessions. This is because the extreme sweating will dehydrate your body intensively, and may, in turn, cause severe effects. If you begin to feel lightheaded or dizzy, you can stop and fresh breath air outside before continuing, otherwise you may faint or collapse.

Eat less before the sessions because you want to stretch to your full flexibility without limitations. Also, a full stomach may give you cramps in you overstretch during hot yoga.

Keep the heat within the advised limits and not more. Hot yoga should have heat between 105°F and 110°F for the best results. More than that can be too hot and will cause you to be overly dehydrated, giving you the lightheaded and dizzy feeling. Keep the humidity at an average of 40 percent as advised as well.

Beware of possible injuries during hot yoga sessions. People who have any slight heart conditions and blood pressure are advised not to use hot yoga without clearance from the doctor. This is because there are feared cases of heat strokes.

Pregnant women and young, weak children cannot practice hot yoga, to be on the safe side. This is because their systems are weak and somewhat vulnerable and may pose risks and accidents in the heat.

Conclusion: What Is A Hot Yoga?

Experts say that the secret to hot yoga is to embrace the sweat and let it flow as much as possible so that it unclogs your skin pores for effective flushing of any harmful chemicals. It is advisable to practice hot sauna at your own pace because of excessive indulging causes more harm than good. The result is a well rejuvenated and reenergized body, with stronger muscles which are more stretched and flexible. Experts also recommend several sessions of hot yoga if you want to see the results faster. Since it is a form of exercise, remember to accompany it with proper healthy and balanced meals to achieve the results better. Drink enough water always so that you do not get wasted in the heat and sweat.

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