What Is A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

What Is A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Saunas have been a part of people’s cultures for practically thousands of years. Scientists have found saunas as old as 3000 years old in the Mayan region and other areas in the same continent. Even today saunas are still very much a part of our day to day lives and with good reason, it is proven to have a lot of good benefits for both the body and the mind.The very act of staying in a warm room has immediate effects on well being and muscle relaxation.

For generations, Scandinavian nations have been using saunas to alleviate their aches and pains from a hard day of work. Some cultures like the Northern Russian add their unique spin to saunas by gently patting each other using different kinds of branches while inside the steam room. In today’s world, saunas are used by people of all walks of life. It is generally enjoyed by people who participate in rigorous sporting activities as a form of rehabilitation. Athletes of different kinds use saunas as an alternative to things like massages and deep stretching. Most people swear by how effective it is, it also feels good which is a welcome bonus.

What Are Some Different Types Of Saunas?

To define, saunas are rooms that are heated to facilitate the release of sweat. The heat of a conventional sauna room generally ranges from 70°C – 100°C.  The heat from the sauna gets transferred to the body and in turn, makes the heart beat faster. The process of raising the heart rate forces the body to cool itself by way of sweating. Most cultures normally do a quick bath using cold water after the sauna session to help cool the body down further.

There are slight differences in saunas that you typically see. Probably one of the most common is the sauna that is powered by electricity. The electric charge goes through the heaters that are spread in a room, these heaters then push heat out which creates an artificial, but rather comfortable experience. The most traditional is the one heated by wood. The wood powered variety is quite common in cultures that use saunas.

The process of heating a room using wood is not as fast as the electrical version for obvious reasons, wooden powered saunas are humid and can be scorching hot. Other types of saunas include using moist heat and Infrared. There are some circles that disagree on the inclusion of infrared but we’ll include it here since they all serve the same purpose. Whatever the means, these 4 types generate enough heat that can warm the spirit and soothe the whole body.

Studies show that going to the sauna a few times a week can help lessen the chances of a heart attack. Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a popular biomedical scientist states in a Twitter post that “Using the sauna 4-7 times per week associated with a 40% lower all-cause mortality…”. This is excellent news that needs to be spread. While we are still not too advanced in fully understanding the benefits of sauna, we are certainly seeing a lot of good benefits from it.  

What Is A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

So, What Is A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

A cedar barrel sauna is a variant of the saunas currently available in the market. A cedar barrel sauna is literally that –  a sauna that’s shaped like a barrel. A device is attached to produce steam. Their designs usually require you to sit inside the contraption and your head will be the only part of the body that sticks out. This is their way to keep the steam trapped inside the barrel. You don’t really have to do anything, you just relax inside and allow the steam to gently engulf you.

Aside from its ability to give warmth to an aching body, a cedar barrel sauna’s size and overall aesthetic bring a lot of benefits to its users. Here are some good examples:

– The size of these variants is surprisingly small. Installing one of these saunas in a regular bathroom is actually pretty easy as it won’t take too much space, we’d say it is similar to the size of a kids closet, most of the space is spread vertically.

– It comes in a variety of designs to choose from. The customer can choose between painted and unpainted designs. We love the minimalistic ones because seeing the wood gives it a lot of character.

– The price of cedar wood saunas is relatively inexpensive given its size.  It would typically cost you thousands of dollars to build one of those bigger, conventional saunas, a Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Sauna costs MUCH lower than that.

– It is also remarkably energy efficient. Its small stature allows it to do its job with very little power, it’s amazing how this compact thing can work as good as the bigger commercial models.

– Cedarwood has good antibacterial attributes which means that it will not rot as easily as other types of wood. It is also incredibly resistant to most wear and tear. Cedarwood is a great wood to use for things like furniture and wooden saunas.

What Is A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Saunas have had a place in people’s lives for thousands of years and it will still be relevant for years to come. The advent of the compact saunas will most likely increase people’s interest in getting one themselves. A cedar barrel sauna is a delightful option for those who’d like to buy a high-quality sauna at an affordable price.


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