What Are the Benefits of a Cold Plunge After A Sauna?

What Are the Benefits of a Cold Plunge After A Sauna?

When you indulge in a sauna session, you are required to ensure the sessions last between fifteen to twenty minutes maximum. This should be followed by either a cold shower, dip in cold water, or cold run outside which is repeated whether it’s hot or cold until the body becomes responsive. Saunas have different experiences depending on the individual. Some people love to have multiple sessions while others will have one session and would be good to go. Ice swimming after a sauna session is a common activity in Finland. Dr. Mark Tinnerman is an expert in Health Benefits of Sauna. He said that the combination of cold and heat could have some health advantages. The sudden cold plunge into cold water causes stability in blood pressure and also makes skin and the blood vessels to constrict rapidly.

Benefits of a Cold Plunge after a Sauna Session

It helps to reduce body inflammation

Patients of rheumatoid arthritis have relief with a cold plunge after a sauna session, as the weak joints become strong and firm. Saunas have a way of making the joints very soft and supple, and without a cold plunge, you will go about your chores with a feeling of weakness in the joints.

What Are the Benefits of a Cold Plunge After A Sauna?

Improved Blood Flow

For some, the cold immersion after a hot sauna is essential. It enhances the flow of blood in the body. The body cells receive ample blood supply, and that is the reason for the fast heartbeat. When you take the cold plunge, your body will feel rejuvenated, and the body systems are jerked into activity.

A pleasurable feeling

The cold/hot temperature that the body experience activates adrenaline, resulting in an increased heart rate and the release of endorphins. The feeling eases the body from any pain and lightens the mood in oneself; hence you become more active. Mostly these effects are not the same for everyone; it varies from individual to individual.

Detoxifying power

The sudden cold plunge after a hot sauna experience triggers the lymphatic system in the body. It allows for all toxins and body waste to be flushed out of the body hence eliminating any infection-causing organisms lodged in the body. The detoxification lasts for long and enhances your immunity.

Sores and strains quick recovery

Sauna heat usually decreases soreness and muscle aches in the body. The heat inside the sauna helps in joint ailments since one can comfortably stretch out after feeling cool from it. Muscles become tender during the sauna session, and the plunge in the cold water firms them back in place. Any tears to the muscles heal faster that way.

What Are the Benefits of a Cold Plunge After A Sauna?

Rejuvenates Skin

During the sauna session, your skin pores will open up to allow for harmful toxins and fat deposits to be flushed out of the body through sweat. If you follow that up with a cold plunge, the pores will seal back instantly and the glow that comes to your skin is simply beautiful, not forgetting it will lock out any germs and dirt from entering the skin again.

Improves metabolism

It mostly occurs when using dry sauna where it speeds up the metabolism in the body. The body burns more calories. Hence you end up losing weight. The lost weight which occurred from sweating is regained by drinking more water which keeps you off from dehydration. Dehydration of the body causes paleness and body weakness. Regular sessions at the sauna will see you begin to shed off extra body fats eventually.


A good sauna experience will result in reduced stiffness in some of the body joints and relieve sore muscles. It is because inside the sauna the body blood vessels are flexible and have relaxed the muscles. The sudden cold plunge will facilitate instant strength to the muscles hence making you more flexible.

Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease

People who use the sauna have proved that the sauna is associated with a reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is advisable to use sauna two to three times per week and by so doing, you are less likely to get this disease or limit its development. A cold plunge after the sauna will heighten the process even more.

Asthma Relief

Those who are asthmatic will have to use the sauna more often since the symptoms will be recovered from frequent use. In essence, your immunity will be boosted with regular sauna sessions. Even better, a cold plunge afterward will make your body systems adjust to both extremes and with time, the effects of the cold begin to fade off.

What Are the Benefits of a Cold Plunge After A Sauna?

Strengthening the body organs

Liver and kidneys are major organs which are responsible for body detoxification. Other detoxification is released through sweat from the skin. When in a dry sauna the skin pores open up causing one to sweat releasing some unwanted toxins from the body. Take a cold plunge after to maximize the functionalism of the organs.

Improved cardiovascular health

Use of the sauna reduces the stress levels in the body. According to scientific research, the use of sauna regularly has lowered the death risk of cardiovascular disease patients. It is advised that you use the sauna regularly to help stabilize the blood pressure for better heart functions. If you top it up with a cold plunge, your heart gets used to both extremes and you are at lower risk of any hear imbalances.


According to the research given on the benefits of sauna, regular use of the sauna has more benefits than a one-off session. Precaution is advised for people with blood pressure issues as well as heart conditions. The cold plunges have to be introduced gradually until the body gets used to them. Otherwise, you are like to cause a massive shock to the body and cause unnecessary health hazards. Speaking to your doctor prior to indulging in this experience is of uttermost importance. Because the benefits are great and varying, the brave have a better foot, because it takes a lot of strength to subject the body to both extremes of external temperature.

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