Why Should I Buy Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Why Should I Buy A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

A sauna, which is typically a small room that is heated to between 70 to 100 degrees Celsius or 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, has been used for thousands of years but are still very popular today, either to lose weight or gain the health benefits it provides. Sweating, which happens when you’re in a sauna, have long been used as a therapy. According to Harvard Health Publications, the Mayans have been using sweat houses for over 3000 years, and in the United States, there are over a million saunas.

Saunas can raise the temperature of the skin to 40 or 104⁰F. As the skin temperature rises, heavy sweating occurs, and the heart rate rises as the body attempt to keep cool. It is not unusual to lose a pint of sweat while inside a sauna for a short time.

What Are Some Different Types of Saunas?

There are at least four different types of saunas — the wood burning sauna where wood is used to heat the sauna room and sauna stones. This sauna is usually low in humidity and high in temperature. Electrically heated saunas are similar to wood burning saunas that are low in humidity and high in temperature, but instead of using wood to heat the sauna room, electrical heaters attached to the floor are used.

Infrared saunas are different from the two though. Small lamps are used to heat a person’s body instead of the entire room. This type of sauna is about 60⁰ Celsius which are lower than the temperatures of other saunas but are still capable of sweating in the same way. The last type of sauna is the steam room which instead of dry heat, involves high humidity and moist heat, different from the saunas previously mentioned.

Why Should I Buy Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Why Should I Buy A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Despite being heated in different ways, saunas have similar effects on the body. Sitting in a sauna increases a person’s heart rate and widens their blood vessels. This also increases circulation, similar to performing low to moderate exercises depending on the duration of using a sauna. Because the heart rate can increase to 100-150 beats per minute, this may bring some health benefits.

Some of the benefits may be, easing pain like muscle soreness, arthritis pain, and improve joint movement because of the improved circulation. It can also relieve stress because not only does the heat in the sauna improve circulation, it also promotes relaxation.

Also, there is a study in Finland, where researchers found out that people who used the sauna more often were less likely to experience a sudden cardiac death than those who didn’t use a sauna. Although, more research is needed to find out if there is a definite link between sauna use and the decrease in deaths from heart disease. Lower blood pressure and enhanced heart function may be associated with sauna use.

Those aren’t the only health benefits you can get from a sauna. Because a dry sauna dries the skin during use, people with psoriasis may be able to see that their symptoms may be less likely to appear while in the sauna but symptoms of atopic dermatitis may worsen. A sauna may also help open airways, loosen phlegm, and reduce stress so people with asthma may find it to be refreshing while in the sauna.

There are other health benefits you can get from being in a sauna, but further research is needed to see if there are definite links to prove if saunas are connected to the decrease of symptoms of some of the health benefits. Since there are benefits, we still have to be wary of some precautions and health risks when using a sauna.

How To Use A Sauna Safely?

Low blood pressure patients have to ask their doctors if using a sauna is safe because saunas may cause blood pressure to fall. Also, sweating may cause dehydration, so people with certain conditions like kidney problems have to be careful.

Things to remember before using a sauna would be to avoid drinking alcohol before or during using a sauna because alcohol increases the risk of hypotension, dehydration, arrhythmia, and sudden death. The time using a sauna must be limited, especially for first-time users. People should also drink two to four glasses of water after using a sauna to replace the fluids lost because of sweating. Those with certain conditions or illnesses must seek their doctor’s advice before using a sauna.

Why Should I Buy Cedar Barrel Sauna?

What Is A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Now that we’ve covered the basics about saunas let’s move on to a barrel for a sauna. More specifically, a cedar barrel which works together with a steam generator. This sauna is called Rebirth PRO Professional In-Home Cedar Barrel Saunas, and you could purchase this product to avoid spending more on spa procedures and hotels with saunas over the years. You can create a spa experience for yourself just by sitting inside a barrel.

This cedar barrel sauna creates steam, and since all the barrels are provided with a hermetic seal, the moisture made will be trapped inside the barrel. The Rebirth PRO Professional In-Home Cedar Barrel Saunas are very compact, and they can be placed almost anywhere in the comfort of your home, like the bathroom or garden. They are also energy efficient and are very affordable, which is different from having to spend thousands of dollars to build your sauna room.

The oils extracted from cedar are known for its antiseptic properties so it will surely give you a natural and organic experience. Also, the health benefits you can get from this sauna is similar to staying inside a sauna room. It works well to solve your problems with joint pain, and if you want to spend time at the gym to lose some weight, this would be the perfect machine for you. This can be given as a gift to someone you know who needs the benefits of a sauna but doesn’t have the time to go to one or of course, use it for yourself. Everyone can experience the natural and effortless benefits from the amazing product of Rebirth PRO Professional In-Home Cedar Barrel Saunas.

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