Why Buy a Spa Day Gift If You Can Buy A Spa?

Why Buy a Spa Day Gift If You Can Buy A Spa?

There is no doubt that one of the most searched for gifts on Google is the spa gifts. Most of the people in the world love spa procedures, steam baths, saunas, massages, and other wonderful things in life. It is a great gift, and we all know that.

Some Spa Day gifts can be extremely pricey, up to a thousand dollars! Research says the average price for a gift like that is around $600. Now, your loved one or your friend spends time at the Spa, enjoys a chocolate wrap, a massage, and then it will be over. If you count how much money you spend on spa procedures every year, the price will surprise you.

People in the US tend to spend around $1500 a year on massages, spa, saunas, and hot tubs experiences for their own use, or presents. Now, this is almost enough to buy your own portable sauna!

Why Buy a Spa Day Gift If You Can Buy A Spa?

What Is A Home Spa?

Rebirth PRO saunas are a truly unique product. Our company follows ancient Northern European traditions while using the newest scientific research trends.

We created and introduced an amazing portable sauna made out of Cedarwood. Our powerful steam generators work with almost 2 kilowatts. This sauna looks like a barrel, where you sit and enjoy some rejuvenating steam.

Our barrels are meant for relaxing while sitting down. They are all equipped with footrests and a 3 and 4 levels of seat leverage for people of all heights. All of our cedar barrels are hermetically sealed, so there won’t be any steam around the area where you are relaxing.

Our barrels are made out of healing cedarwood, while the metal parts are made from stainless steel. With this type of material, you can forget about corrosion.

Our Magic Sauna Barrels

There are so many bonuses to our amazing product. It can be used independently, due to a comfortable step and a latch on the inside of the barrel. Nobody will need to assist you while you are using this barrel.

Cedarwood Barrel Sauna won’t require any maintenance due to its user-friendly system. This sauna may be installed within minutes, as well as disassembled if you are moving away. Stress-free and easy – this is how we can describe your Rebirth PRO sauna usage experience. No need to call the plumbers, or carpenters or any other contractors – this sauna is going to be the easiest thing you have ever used! Why buy a spa day gift if you can buy a spa?

Rebirth PRO’s powerful steam generator will be ready in fifteen minutes after you turn on the power button. Fifteen minutes is enough to break a sweat and enjoy the most relaxing experience right here, in the comfort of your own home!

Furthermore, the powerful properties of the healing cedar have been known for centuries. This wonderful wood and the tree’s essential oils have anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic features. The oils from cedarwood have been used by the Tibet monks, the ancient Egyptians, and Scandinavian Vikings.

Paired with our incredible herb mix series, you will get a whole organic spa experience at home. We created herbal blends that can be added to the steam generator water. This procedure will make your steam more powerful, more healing and can make a significant difference in your health and well-being. Rebirth PRO team can recommend many herbs for therapeutic purposes – whether you have joint pain, headache, whether you need some relaxation for mind and the body.

Why Buy a Spa Day Gift If You Can Buy A Spa?

Why Buy a Spa Day Gift if You Can Buy a Spa?

Using a sauna barrel made from such high-quality materials will change your life forever, as well as for those, who will receive this wonderful healing gift. Rebirth PRO team is sure that whoever the lucky person will be – they will truly appreciate this amazing gift.

This can be a perfect gift for your parents, in-laws, neighbors, friends, for your kids, just for anybody! It is perfect not only for elders but for young adults and even children as well! Young adults may use cedar barrels after the gym, since it relieves muscle and joint pain, for weight loss purposes, or just for the overall spa experience at home. Elderly people can use it for the same reasons, or for the treatment of arthritis, or headaches, or even atherosclerosis.

Children (while accompanied by an adult, of course), will enjoy the sauna experience better with our special herbal blend called “Strong Baby”, that consist of Chamomile Meadow, Wild Chain, and Mountain Oregano. This herb mix is famous for its anti-excitability and calming features. Those three herbs mixed together can give the immune system a boost as well as improve the sleep quality of children. Your children will have the best sleep of their lives after the use of our cedar barrels!

In Conclusion

You might want to spend a lot of money on a day spa gift – but is it really worth it? If you calculate all the money you have to spend over the years on spa experiences – you could have already been a proud owner of the Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Sauna.

But, the good news is that it is not too late! You can still buy this gift for so many people that you know might need it. Anybody will be so impressed and excited to use this wonderful product!

Whether it’s Christmas or a Birthday gift – this will be the presence of the century for those, who receive it. Or maybe you can just treat yourself and get this cedarwood barrel for yourself – and every day will be a spa day for you! Imagine this – you have had a long day, but you would like to give your body a boost. What can be more amazing than getting a chocolate wrap, and after – getting into a Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel, breathing in Wild Oregano, Thyme and Chamomile herbs with Cedar essential oils, while enjoying the steam. Your body will be so grateful, and there is no doubt about it!

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