Spa Day At Home: The Best In-Home Sauna

Spa Day At Home: The Best In-Home Sauna

Feeling a little too lazy today? There are a million options for you, but the best one can be the easiest to do. Enjoy your Spa Day at home with this Best In-Home Sauna!

We will talk about the best sauna in the world – the portable Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Sauna, which has created lots of hype within just one year of being in the United States!

Spa Day At Home: The Best In-Home Sauna

What Is A Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Rebirth PRO saunas follow old Scandinavian traditions and create their wonderful product according to the ancient rules of sauna experience. For over millennia people around the world, including Ancient Egypt, Persia, Northern Europe, Japan, China, the Himalayas were using saunas and steam baths as a part of their cleansing the body and calming the mind ritual. Turkish hammams, Japanese baths, Scandinavian saunas – it is an endless list. All of those mankind creations may look familiar, but that’s not really the case. Some create steam, some use dry sauna air to open the pores and clean the body.

In Northern Europe, cedar barrels have existed for thousands of years. The principle of using one revolves around steam usage in an enclosed space, where your head will not get overheated. Your body will experience nice warm steam, it will open the pores, clean from toxins and just give you a wonderful sense of complete relaxation. During this procedure, you will be seated, with your whole body located inside the cedar barrel.

There are countless benefits to the cedar itself and the wonderful properties of cedarwood essential oils. Sitting in an enclosed space with hermetically sealed cedar barrel will make your body absolve all the moisture coming from the steam. That way you will get everything you need from a Turkish hammam, a Scandinavian sauna, and Japanese bath – altogether, without wetting your hair and overheating your head.

Rebirth PRO Saunas come with lots of wonderful perks and benefits. Firstly, this cedar barrel is very easy to install, operate and even disassemble when moving away. Secondly, it uses close to nothing of power and it can be ready for you in just fifteen minutes. Now compare it to the hot tub which takes up to 5 hours to heat up! Imagine having your guests over and realizing that the spa procedures will take place in only fifteen minutes, whenever you decide to!

Spa Day At Home: The Best In-Home Sauna

What Is The Best In-Home Sauna?

Rebirth PRO, hands down. We haven’t seen any sauna with so many benefits, its crazy! No sauna is as portable, as convenient, as healing as the cedar barrel one. It can be placed in the garden, on the patio, in the bathroom, next to the pool, almost anywhere in your house! You do not have to make space or a whole room anymore to be able to enjoy spa procedures, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on hotels with spas – all you need to do is to just purchase Rebirth PRO saunas – just once in a lifetime!

We have seen so many different saunas in our lives, but the ones that Rebirth PRO has to offer are the best in so many ways.

Spa Day At Home: The Best In-Home Sauna

So, what do you need to prepare a great Spa Day At Home? We thought of a couple of ideas that you might like to use to treat yourself like royalty.

You might need a couple of things:

  • 1. Rebirth PRO Original Professional Sauna
  • 2. Rebirth PRO Herb Mix (depending on your needs/desires, Rebirth PRO has created lots of Herb Mix Blends)
  • 3. Honey (if you have access to raw honey, it would be amazing!)

Turn on the cedar barrel sauna. While you are waiting, do not forget to drink plenty of water. This will help you sweat more, and therefore, cleanse your pores.

Put some of the herb mixes into your steam generator to create an all-natural sauna experience. Get into the cedar barrel. Use Rebirth PRO Original Professional Sauna for 10-15 minutes. Rinse yourself, then apply raw honey (its supposed to have sugary consistency, but you can use any honey you have at home). Massage your face and body thoroughly. Rinse yourself completely now. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of being oh so clean!

Using raw sugary honey as a scrub is actually a Russian tradition during bathing in saunas. There is no need to buy expensive scrubs if you have some Himalayan salt, honey, plain sugar, or chocolate. There are also different options for masks, like avocado masks, oatmeal and coconut oil mask, aloe vera and tomato juice, egg white, and papaya face masks. The options are endless! Just use the things you have at home for the ultimate cleanse and the best spa experience ever!

Spa Day At Home: The Best In-Home Sauna

In Conclusion

Hotels with spas, expensive procedures, unaffordable masseuses are overrated and no longer necessary. With such great product as Rebirth PRO cedar barrel saunas, you can create a Spa Day without leaving your home!

The best way to do it is to just have the sauna next to some water source, like the pool, or shower, or bathtub because you will want that nice rinse after the spa procedure. But realistically, you will need just four by five feet of space to be able to use a wonderful product like that. Compared to a whole room, where people install their saunas in – this is next to nothing!

Treat yourself like royalty and create some nice scrubs and masks for yourself – you won’t even need a spa specialist. If you count how much money you might have spent on hot tubs, saunas, and expensive spas – you could have been a proud owner of Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Sauna already!

We only want the best for our readers. That is why there is no question that cedar barrel saunas are a new trend and that they are seriously the best. Just try one for yourself – you will not be disappointed, we can promise you that! Enjoy your new and amazing Best In-Home Sauna!

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