Ways To Improve Your Sauna Experience

Ways To Improve Your Sauna Experience

While a sauna session has been known to deliver exceptional relaxation effects, there are other things you can do to maximize your experience.

There is no denying that saunas have gained so much popularity over the years. While they used to be known as a luxurious house feature, they now become a must-have addition for a relaxing sauna experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Ways To Improve Your Sauna Experience

However, sauna experiences vary from person to person. But the first one can make or break your entire experience, as it can cause you to enjoy the sauna or not. Fortunately, whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned client, you can always enjoy your sauna session in many ways. Often, it involves the right preparation so you can take advantage of a glorious sauna session all the time.

Tips to Boost Your Sauna Experience

Saunas are becoming more common. In fact, there are more than one million saunas in every nation, from the coast to the bright sea. Therefore, it is probably safe to say that a lot of people are enjoying their experience. But if you are not one of them and still trying to make every session as fun and relaxing as it should be, here are a few tips for getting the best of your experience:

Eat light foods before entering a sauna

Having a full stomach in the sauna isn’t good, but an empty one isn’t also a good idea. Before sauna treatments, you should eat a small snack to keep your body engaged. Eat a light snack prior to your session. You can drink milk or eat fruits. It will help you shed a few pounds required for the body when you do so daily.

Prepare cotton towels

Cotton towels are recognized for being the finest since the olden days, and when they dry out, they tend to retain enough water and are even soft to the skin. When you enter the tub, go swimming, or sit on the bench in the steam room, you will need your cotton towel or bathrobe.

Remove metal objects

The heat within the sauna is indeed very high, and the metal items you wear when they get intensely hot will render you charred. You may want the metal items like jewelry and cuffs to be secure, especially if they are not heat-tolerant in the sauna. Once they are damaged, it is a great loss. They also suppress proper moisture, so they mask pores that are not exposed to ventilation. If any of them have a tight cover, they can peel off due to the sauna’s high temperature and thus make you vulnerable to infections.

Ways To Improve Your Sauna Experience

Take a shower

Taking a long shower or warm bath and scrub with soap before going into the sauna are ideal things to do. It will help strengthen your body hygiene and prepares you for your saunas to relieve your body and open the pores. Before you head into the sauna, make sure you dried properly for stronger sweating. Take a towel in the sauna and sit or lay on the benches. Start by using the lowest bank, as the heat rises steadily.

Listen to calm music

For soothing enjoyment, most saunas play music inside the room. Make sure the music is therapeutic, calm, and favorable because nobody can relax to blaring noises. Soothing music leads to feeling comfortable during your session in an enclosed space. You can approach the person in charge of the sauna if the music does not work for you.

Use fragrances

Your sauna experience is improved by applying hydrotherapy from oils like oak, lemon, eucalyptus, hibiscus, and cinnamon. Oils such as lavender help relieve anxiety and relief while eucalyptus fragrances clean the air and keep it fresh naturally.

More Tips to Enhance the Experience

Before going to a sauna, please see a physician for a health check. It will help you calm your mind thinking that it’s all appropriate, and you will be alerted automatically if you have anything to take issue. This move helps reduce the risk of infection and ensures you are secure while in the steam room. It is not necessary to take control of all illnesses; it is better to take measures before going inside the sauna.

Do not drink alcohol before or during your session

You must linger in the steam room, and you are not supposed to drink alcohol. Alcohol reduces blood pressure as heat increases the body’s sugar levels. Alcohol can dehydrate you in the steam room and render the body unsafe. If you are disoriented in the sauna, you feel lightheaded and tired as the heat and liquor effects disrupt the body.

Take a cold shower

Following the sauna, you must always take a cold bath or shower. The average core temperature with a cold shower is returned to the body system, specifically in the capillaries and the coronary arteries. The cold bath even refreshes your face, sweats away, and instantly closes pores. Don’t take your shower directly; begin from the lower ankle, knee, and whole part of your legs from the far side of the chest. Do the same for your left leg to your arms, shoulders, and rear as your body is not used to the change of temperature. If you do this unexpectedly, your brain will be shaken.

Ways To Improve Your Sauna Experience

Immerse yourself

You should try to take a full bath in tepid water after the sauna session or a swim in the afternoon if you don’t suffer from elevated blood pressure as well as heart and breathing attacks. It cools you off, screens your pores open, which makes it possible to recover quicker.

Before doing any work, this step is vital. You can take a quick nap or relax and wrap yourself with a blanket if appropriate. Don’t do some hard work right away, until you are fully comfortable and relaxed.


After a busy day full of sports, the sauna experience is the perfect thing to relax and rest your tired muscles. When you follow these tips, you can have an even better sauna session all the time.

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