Top 4 Benefits of Cedar Wood

Top 4 Benefits of Cedar Wood

Cedarwood essential oil has been gaining popularity nowadays because of its commercially pleasing scent and its pest-repellant properties. Its woody and mildly sweet smell have caused it to be the main ingredient in several colognes and perfumes. But did you know its uses and benefit go much deeper than all that?

The many benefits of cedarwood essential oil include reduction of hair loss in men, improved skin, and as a form of pain relief. These benefits, believe it or not, have been known to us for much longer than you would think.

Cedarwood essential oil comes from the cedar tree’s various parts. Since ancient times, the extraction and use of this substance have been popular amongst many different cultures. As an example, in ancient Egypt, the oil was commonly used in their mummification and embalming processes.

Cedar trees are plants that actually prefer colder temperatures and as such, are usually found in locations at higher altitudes. These days, the term “cedar” is being used a bit more loosely than before, and the trees with that name aren’t actually all the same species or genus as the cedars of old. The closest ones we have now are those of the Cedrus atlantica type and is where most of the highest quality oils come from in most parts of the world. You could opt for brands that have the cedarwood oils come from Chinese varieties of Cedar, but you’ll be getting poorer quality products most of the time with these.

Not all cedarwood essential oils are made equal, so always try to do your research before purchasing.

History Of Cedar Wood 

Cedarwood essential oil is packed with a plethora of health-related benefits. Cedar tree seed pods are minuscule, but the tallest and oldest cedar trees grow to about 90 ft tall.

Cedarwood essential oil is one of the first substances to be distilled by man. Existing evidence indicates that early hominids used cedarwood essential oil as an antiseptic, sedative, and therapeutic medicines. Extraction of cedarwood oil is known to be purposeful due to the relative difficulty of the process. Ancient Egyptians would go through that complex process because cedarwood essential oil was a key ingredient in their embalming processes. And this proved to be an effective way to preserve their dead, evidenced by the state of several Egyptian mummies discovered in the modern day. This is due to the pest-repellant and antimicrobial characteristics of the substance.

Native Americans and Tibetans were also known to have taken notice of the benefit of using cedar wood. In particular, their ancient cultures took advantage of the oil’s calming and reinvigorating properties and were fond of using it for meditation sessions and purification ceremonies. As such, cedarwood essential oil has played a somewhat significant part of many cultures’ spiritual and religious practices.

Top 4 Benefits of Cedar Wood

Usage and Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Distillation is usually the preferred method of extracting the oil from Cedarwood. Plant material from Cedar such as the bark and the wood is subjected to high temperatures and pressure in a specific amount of time. The process is done in a way such that the desired substances are extracted without damaging the plant material too much.

Each of the components extracted from the plant possesses specific effects with multiple uses. Cedrus atlantica, for example, is 50% sesquiterpenes. This compound improves oxygen utilization of brain cells. This wards off premature degradation of the brain and have been found to help in cancer treatment.

Cedarwood essential oil can be taken in in several methods; even inhalation of its scent could provide you with some of its many benefits as a healing substance. Microdroplets from the essential oil can be inhaled and are taken in by the limbic system. They make their way to the hypothalamus and the lungs, eventually making their way to your circulatory system. All throughout the process, they can positively affect your emotions, reason, and hormones.

These are only some of the specific effects of cedarwood essential oils:

For fungi-related health problems

Fungal infections differ from bacterial ones such that they take root in the areas that they affect and are much harder to treat and get rid of. Cedarwood essential oils have antifungal properties; they target the problem areas and the affecting fungi down to its roots. With regular maintenance and application, cedarwood essential oils can get rid of the fungi and prevent it from coming back.

Preventing Hair Loss

Men who struggle with hair loss understand the importance of being able to prevent and even stop it from happening. For those of them who might want to try an alternative approach to synthetic medicines such as Rogaine, cedarwood oil has been known to work quite well for hair loss. Dilute the oil with water or coconut oil, massage it onto the scalp to aid in circulation, and rinse the solution after an hour.

Top 4 Benefits of Cedar Wood

Disinfecting wounds

Essential cedarwood oil has antiseptic properties. Because of this, it can ward off infections if applied topically to surface wounds. Dilute the oil first with an antiseptic cream or even water since pure cedarwood oil might be too intense. Applying this mixture to the wound will help kill off any remaining bacteria in the wound and prevent more from entering the open wound.

Helps in Breathing

As was mentioned before, even the scent of cedarwood oil is vastly helpful to your health. As a natural sedative, it can actually help ease the symptoms of respiratory issues such as asthma. Chronic coughing has also be known to be stopped partially by the inhalation of essential cedarwood oil. The oil can also help with congested sinuses, and excessive phlegm builds up. Not to mention the naturally calming and relaxing nature of the scent.

These are only a few ways cedarwood oil can help in daily life. If you’re curious as to how great this can be, take a page from our ancient ancestors and see for yourself the various health benefits of this almost miraculous substance from nature. But, like any responsible consumer, consult your physician first to see if cedarwood essential oil is safe to use for you.

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