Sauna vs Hot Tub – Which is Better?

Sauna vs Hot Tub – Which is Better?

Have you ever thought about which one is better – sauna, steam shower, or a hot tub? Or maybe they are all equally beneficial to our health and well-being? There are lots of questions to be answered. We are going to start by explaining all the benefits of the steam versus hot water experience so that our readers will make a perfect choice!

Sauna vs Hot Tub – Which is Better?

Sauna Advantages

Let’s take a look at some of the many advantages of sauna use:

1. Removal of toxins – through a sweating process during exposure to heat. Sweating will help with removing toxins, such as heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury), BPA and phthalates. Sweating has been considered a health-beneficiary therapy, since the times of Turkish and Roman baths and Scandinavian Saunas.

2. Chronic pain relief – since the saunas help you relax your muscles, the benefit to your joints is undoubted. It is especially recommended for elderly people, or those, who suffer from joint pain. With the release of endorphins the pain of arthritis, for example, will be minimized.

3. Improvement of the cardiovascular system – with day to day sauna usage we are training our heart muscles. With the heat, our heart rate rises and with the cooling process, it drops tremendously. It is as powerful as regular exercising.

4. Improvement of sleep – especially for those who experience sleep deprivation. The release of endorphins plays a major role in deep and relaxed sleep.

5. Saunas can be energy-efficient, unlike hot tubs. With the Rebirth PRO saunas, you will use considerably less energy than when using hot tubs.

6. Saunas, unlike hot tubs, tend to be more quiet, relaxing and calm experience. Hot tubs are most commonly used among friends, or family members, who chat, listen to loud music and just have a great social experience. In any case, if you are looking for a quiet and alone time – saunas are meant for you!

Sauna vs Hot Tub – Which is Better?

Sauna Disadvantages

There are many other endless health benefits from regular sauna use. Now, let’s look at some of sauna use disadvantages:

1. High temperatures are not recommended for pregnant women and elders suffering from heart issues – not necessarily a disadvantage. So, if you were a sauna user and are planning to have a baby in the nearest future, just hold on a little!

2. A sauna can cause dehydration. Although, there is an easy answer for that – just drink plenty of water before using a sauna!

3. Regular saunas require maintenance. We are talking about heavy build-in saunas that take up the whole room. With the saunas that Rebirth PRO has to offer – there is barely any maintenance needed!

Hot Tub Benefits

There are many types of hot tubs, but we are going to be talking about the hydro massage ones:

1. Temporary relief of pain – just like the sauna, the hot tubs are able to provide a muscle tension relief. This is also caused by the release of endorphins in our brain, which can fight the ache in our body.

2. Gentle water massage can be very beneficial to your health. Hydrotherapy is well-known for its many benefits, like pain relief, anxiety, and stress relief.

3. Spending some time at the hot tub may help you experience better deeper sleep at night. More than 132 million people in America have sleep-deprivation at least once a week. There is no doubt that taking a nice hot bath can be more than helpful.

4. Hot tubs, unlike most saunas, can be used more for social interactions. When you turn on the hydro massage you usually talk louder, laugh and have a great time with some music on. Saunas tend to be more quiet, private and relaxing. As a matter of fact, the Rebirth PRO saunas can be used only by one person at a time, so that you turn yourself off from the whole world and come back more refreshed, happy and rejuvenated.

Sauna vs Hot Tub – Which is Better?

Hot Tub Disadvantages

1. Hot tubs are less energy-efficient when compared to saunas. Water heating up alone may take a big chunk of your energy bill.

2. Hydromassage hot tubs cost way more in installation and in maintenance. Just think about it – installation of a hot tub is a very costly experience. It can weight up to 3,000 pounds, so it will require not only multiple assistants, electricians, plumbers, but other contractors as well. On the other side, with saunas like Rebirth PRO – all that you need to do is to just plug it in. This cannot get any easier!

3. Hot tubs may require more time to heat. That could be a big issue if you are looking forward to inviting your friends for a spa session, but your hot tub is cold!

4. The hot tubs are also not recommended for pregnant women, or for those, who may experience health problems due to high temperatures.

5. There is a bigger risk of contaminating water when using a hot tub. Hot tubs are often shared with other people, which can lead to some serious health issues when not properly cleaned and water is not filtered. Skin infections are most commonly found in places, like public hot tubs. Also, harmful chemicals are often used in hot tubs, which can also lead to skin problems and can cause allergic reactions.

Sauna vs Hot Tub – Which is Better?

When it comes to the final decision – it’s really up to you. If you are looking for a less costly, more energy-efficient product – then saunas are meant for you. If you want to have a social outdoors experience in the place where the weather allows – hot tubs may be enjoyed better. Both hot tubs and saunas help with the release of endorphins, which reduce muscle pain, help with relaxation and improve sleep. Both of these health treatments improve your skin, hair and overall rejuvenation.

Rebirth PRO Team recommends the use of saunas, due to their low-maintenance, low-energy factors and endless health benefits. Our saunas barely take any space, do not require special assistance and may be enjoyed with special herbal spa products, which we created just for you!

We hope that you enjoyed this article and are ready to make a very important decision in your life!

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