Have The Perfect Sauna Experience By Choosing The Sauna Heaters That Fits Your Needs

Have The Perfect Sauna Experience By Choosing The Sauna Heaters That Fits Your Needs

Sauna bathing was first used in Finland and now it is widely used around the world. The working heat in a sauna ranges from 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit that makes sweating possible. Sweating can help detoxify and cleanse the body that results in a clean feeling after. Many sauna baths users testified how effective saunas are in improving health and wellness. 

Have The Perfect Sauna Experience By Choosing The Sauna Heaters That Fits Your Needs

A study conducted by the University of Eastern Finland showed the significant health benefits of sauna bathing that had been popular with people for many years. Through an experimental setting, they carry out research on how heat exposure affects the health of a person. They found out that a 30 minutes sauna bath has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, heart rate, and vascular compliances. Moreover, their former research shows that regular sunbathing can lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, hypertension, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also decrease the threat of respiratory diseases and reduce CRP levels.

I bet after knowing the numerous health benefits of sauna bathing, you are considering installing one in your home. And having one needs knowledge of the kind of sauna heater to use. Your sauna experience depends on your decision on choosing the right sauna heater. That’s why it is important to understand the various types of sauna heaters available in the market so you can have the most ideal one. Every heater is not perfect for every sauna, therefore, you have to pick something that is perfect for your preference. Different sauna heaters are purposely made for different sized saunas. If you choose a very small sauna heater, it may not provide enough heat. However, if you choose the very powerful one, you might have difficulty in keeping the humidity and temperature at your comfort level. Take note, a larger heater may be essential for a sauna with outdoor exposure or in colder climates. 

Different Kinds Of Sauna Heaters

Wood Fired Sauna Heaters

It is the original classic type of sauna heater wherein you burn wood to increase the temperature of the sauna. It is widely known in Europe as a traditional way of heating a sauna. It is an ideal heater for a sauna with wider space and it can also hold the heat for a longer duration of time. Moreover, it is more cost-effective than other types of heater. Wood-fired sauna heaters work at lower temperatures unlike other kinds of heaters. So if you like a sauna which is not scorching hot, this one is the right choice. Moreover, it produces plenty of steam since it has a wider space for the rock.

Lots of people love the lower heat produced by a wood stove, the additional sound it provides, and the fragrance that makes it different from other types of heater. This can be installed just like the gas or electric heater but needs a chimney for enough ventilation of smoke. Even if the fire is already a convective heat source, it must still be loaded with stones because they distribute the heat better than the stove. Wood heaters should perfectly be able to heat the whole sauna area with a temperature of 60-90°C around. Wood heaters must adequately draw air from the outside of the sauna to prevent sucking the oxygen out of the room. You should also allow sufficient room in your design and surrounding insulation for a chimney. This is very essential because smoke inhalation has harmful effects on humans. Make sure that the chimney is always clean too– the duration depends on how many times you use it and what kind of wood you burn. 

Electric Sauna Heaters

This type of sauna heater is a modern kind of sauna heater. It provides options to enjoy for dry and wet steam saunas. From the name itself, it uses electricity to work. It may be a little expensive yet it is amazing for heating small spaces and providing steam that affects sweating. Moreover, it has a higher temperature than other types of sauna heaters. 

Have The Perfect Sauna Experience By Choosing The Sauna Heaters That Fits Your Needs

In this kind of heater, electricity is passed via resistive elements. The resistance is the reason for electric energy to be transformed into heat energy. Because of that, the elements heat up then transfer to the stones and heat the air surrounding them. When the stones are already hot, water is smoothly added to them which quickly evaporates to produce steam. The steam spreads around the room, developing a humid and hot sauna surrounding. 

Infrared Sauna Heaters

Infrared Sauna Heaters is the latest type among sauna heaters and works very differently than the others. What makes it different is that it doesn’t generate steam which makes you enjoy the sauna with the dry heat. It also produces lower temperatures compared to the electric heater that makes it more convenient. It is a type of heater that lets infrared light get into your skin and makes you feel the heat. You feel it better when you sit in front of the heater. Thus, it is perfect for those saunas that are smaller and portable wherein lower temperature works fine. It also works best for saunas that do not waste away the condensation as a result of steam. As wood-fired, conventional electric, and gas heaters heat up the sauna through convection, infrared sauna heaters use radiation heating. It means that the heater functions directly on the body instead of heating the air all over you. Infrared Sauna Heaters are absolutely steam and stone free. This is commonly used for smaller saunas than regular ones. 

Have The Perfect Sauna Experience By Choosing The Sauna Heaters That Fits Your Needs

Wood, gas, electric, or infrared sauna heaters are all heat using convection and really fascinating to use. You just have to choose what is great enough to meet your needs and comfort. Some people go for wood-fired sauna heaters because of the vibes it provides. It can be really hot up to 150 degrees and takes you hours to heat the space up. You should manually stoke the fire too. Electric and gas sauna heaters are quicker to heat and easier to maintain. Infrared heaters are the most effective as it heats up immediately and you can utilize it with less electricity. 

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