Top 10 Tips to Get The Most Of Your Sauna Experience

Every sauna experience depends on every person who utilizes it. You will feel strange the first time you use it. Whether you will like it or not. No need to worry if you are a first-time user of this product. We are willing to help you by giving some tips in preparing correctly for your sauna experience. You will get used to the heat it provides and no need to worry when you perspire too much if the heat is excessively high. Through this, you should know that your body will receive lots of benefits from the sauna and your body will react compatibly and positively. Our main point is you need an appropriate preparation intellectually or in another way. 

The first thing you should do is neglecting to have a huge meal in the sauna

The best way to start your session in the sauna is to only consume a light meal; not a full stomach neither an empty stomach. The lighter the meal, the better the sauna experience is. For example, you can have fruit or yogurt. When you adopt this manner, you will lose some pounds which are not needed for your body. 

Top 10 Tips to Get The Most  Of Your Sauna Experience

Bring cotton towels

Of course, a cotton towel shouldn’t be left out when you’re taking a bath. It plays an important role when you’re in a shower. Its advantage is to get all the water thoroughly while you’re drying yourself. From the word “cotton”, it is really smooth to use which is friendly to your skin. You will need it while sitting, lying, or relaxing on the seat of the sauna. 

Remove all the metal objects

Metal objects are dangerous when you’re inside the sauna because it consists of high temperatures and you might get burnt through the metallic objects you’re wearing. When you want to feel at ease and satisfied while in a sauna, remove your necklaces and earrings especially if it’s not compatible with the temperature in the sauna. Your metal accessories will be destroyed easily to extreme heat too. And also they will stop the good perspiration because they cover some parts of the pores which is the reason its close to breathe. If some of them have a loose covering, it will be be taken off through the sauna heat. It may result in your exposure to infections so beware. 

Take a warm shower or hot water then wash with soap before coming inside the sauna 

This will improve your body’s hygiene and also a preparation of the skin with exposed pores to calm your muscles while having your sauna session. Be sure that your body is dried enough before coming inside the sauna for a great perspiring moment. Come inside the sauna with a towel being wrapped on you then feel free to lie or sit on its benches. Start your experience by utilizing the lowest seat as you move up gently by the addition of heat temperature. 

Top 10 Tips to Get The Most  Of Your Sauna Experience

Play music for a relaxing feeling

Almost all saunas purposely consist of music for a more relaxing feeling. Make sure that the music is therapeutic and comforting to the ears with a moderate volume. Loud music is not soothing to listen thus you can’t relax well. Relaxing is your main goal through your session. Don’t be afraid to ask from the operator if you want some adjustments that fit your wants or needs. 

Use an aroma

You can use aroma from oils like citrus, lavender, pine, and citrus to increase a better experience in the sauna. The oils such as lavender are useful to removes tension and can cause a mind alleviation. The eucalyptus aroma purifies the air to leave behind a refreshing and organic scent. 

Go for a medical check-up

It is a good idea to visit a doctor for a checkup before doing a sauna session. By that, you will have peace of mind knowing that you’re fine and if there’s any problem, you’ll be informed right away. This procedure is useful to lessen the possibility of having an illness and you’re always secured while in the sauna. Not every illness can be taken care of but it is a better feeling if you’re in a sauna and you feel safe. 

Don’t drink alcohol before entering or while you are in the sauna

Yes, staying hydrated is part of our lives but drinking alcohol is an exception while you are in the sauna. The alcohol lowers blood pressure while the heat elevates blood sugar in the body. While you’re in a sauna and taking alcohol, it will dehydrate you and dangerous for your body. You will feel a whirling sensation in your head and light-headedness while your body loses its strength due to the combination of heat and alcohol effects. 

After the sauna, shower with cold water

Taking a cold shower after the sauna session is a must. When you are taking a cold shower, it will bring back the normal body temperature and exercises your blood vessels particularly the capillaries. The cold water that touches your skin will give you a refreshing feeling, dries out your sweat, and close your pores right away. Anyway, refrain from taking a shower immediately. You must begin from the far area of the heart down to the left leg up to the arms, knee, the whole parts of the legs, shoulder face, and backward. It’s necessary to do that because your body is still not adapted to the heat and there’s a possibility that your system may be surprised by the sudden action. 

Top 10 Tips to Get The Most  Of Your Sauna Experience

Do a Plunge or Dive

If you do not have low blood pressure, high blood pressure, and heart problems, you should try to acknowledge in taking an entire immersion in cold water after doing a sauna session or a plunge. It is beneficial for a relaxing effect, close the open pores, and provides you a smooth and quick remedial. 


This level is essential before doing any tasks. You can take a rest or light sleep. If needed, wrap yourself with a blanket for a more relaxing feeling. After that, refrain from taking any difficult activities until you’ll feel at ease. When you are completely rested, that’s when you can go back to your busy tasks again in a moderate way then do your sauna session for the second time if you want. Don’t be too hard on yourself when it’s your first time using the sauna.


The sauna experience is great especially if you came from a long exhausting day full of tasks to do. All of us need a rest because of our hectic schedule and a good sauna experience lets you appreciate the relaxing feeling as long as you follow all the tips that are stated. 

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