Things You Can Apply During Sauna

Things You Can Apply During Sauna

Many people enjoy a steam bath. However, a sauna can be confusing and sometimes scary for those who have never taken one before. It is a good thing that the basics of taking a sauna are pretty easy to master. You will find out about them in this article, which will help you make the most of your steam bath.

A lot of people from different cultures have been using the sauna for centuries. They use it to cleanse their skin, detoxify their organs, and get into deep relaxation. A sauna typically comprises wet heat with steam created from the water poured over hot rocks. This leads to the water evaporating, which heats the air and causes bodies to sweat.

A steam bath can be a fantastic experience, but you need to know a few things to make the most of it. This article helps you with that by providing a guide on what you can apply during a sauna. Learn about them below so that you enjoy complete relaxation during and after experiencing a steam bath.

Things You Can Apply During Sauna

What to Know About the Sauna

The hot rock sauna is the most common and traditional form. However, you can also pick the infrared variety where the heat can penetrate your skin much deeper. This version is great because it helps activate your skin to release toxins through sweating. There are many advantages to taking a sauna, such as improved circulation.

It also helps to remove dead cells and improve your lymphatic and immune systems. After exposure to the intense moisture that resulted from the steam, you also get softened skin. Taking a sauna is an excellent detoxifying activity, effectively keeping your organs healthy and skin clean by removing toxins from your pores.

Should You Apply Anything During Sauna

Generally, the answer to this is “no.” Putting on anything when you will be sweating during the entire process seems nothing but a waste. However, you can apply some products that help loosen skin cells and supplement the steam bath. These things will be discussed more in the latter part of the article.

First, it is crucial that you hydrate. Drink water before you go inside the sauna and don’t forget to bring with you some towels. It is best to drink water with electrolytes to replace those you will lose during the steam bath. You may also consider taking a toxin binder like charcoal or zeolite for absorbing internally mobilized toxins.

The goal of taking a sauna is to increase your core temperature. With the heat of the steam, you can emulate a fever and thus perspire. Doing this helps release toxins from your body through sweat. Because you are sweating, though, applying anything on the skin during sauna defeats the purpose.

It might even result in clogged pores. You are in the sauna to get things out of your body, not into it. It is advised that you don’t apply anything before or during, but you can apply them after your sauna. With your skin soft and clean, the products you use by then will have increased efficiency.

Things You Can Use During Sauna

If you are taking a wet sauna, you may use some things to prepare yourself for the steaming. For one, you can use a facial cleanser to massage your face. This will help soften your skin.  Before going into the sauna, apply the cleanser, and then make sure to clean your face thoroughly.

Bristle Bath Brush and Dandruff Shampoo

You may also take a quick shower and bring with you a bristle bath brush. When you get into the sauna, apply a bit of dandruff shampoo onto the bath brush. While bathing into the steam, use the brush all over the exposed areas of your skin. Remember to do this slowly so that you can loosen dead skin cells without irritating your skin.

Things You Can Apply During Sauna

The dandruff shampoo’s antifungal and antibacterial formula help clean the body. However, it will usually take at least five minutes to take effect and kill any fungus. As such, it is ideal to stay at least five minutes in the sauna after applying the shampoo all over your body. With this, you can maximize the effects of the steam bath.

You may also use a rough cloth or loofah for this. If you have oil or lotion, you can apply them on your skin then rinse them off in the shower. When brushing your body, use brisk strokes only as hard as you can take. You can start from your soles to your calves and thighs, then the front and back. Brush your whole body until it is glowing pink.

Moisturizer on Face and Body

Some people also advise applying moisturizer to the face and body before sauna. It is best not to apply this during the sauna, but immediately after you enter. If you have oily skin, the recommendation is to use a light moisturizer. If your skin is dry, then you can use a heavier moisturizer like coconut oil.

Hair Mask or Thick Hair Treatment

Since you are already in a sauna, you may give yourself a hair treatment like hot oil. You can take advantage of the steam that opens up your pores to apply a hair mask and take in all its benefits deep into your scalp. You may also use a heavier hair treatment, but don’t let it get onto your skin, or it will even clog your pores.

While you rehydrate by sipping some water and letting your scalp cool down, you can also massage it to get the hair treatment in. You can then rinse it off with cool water after around 30 minutes, which closes the pores. With the moisturizer, bristle brush with dandruff shampoo, and the hair treatment, you are now ready for a hot shower.

Things You Can Apply During Sauna


Applying oil or lotion before the sauna is perfectly okay, but you have to wash it off during the sauna. If you actually use anything during the steam bath, your skin will be too slippery, and your pores may end up clogged. It is best never to apply anything during the sauna since from the start the whole point is to get things out.

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