Top Sauna Trends 2019

Top Sauna Trends 2019

Ever since the invention of the sauna, there has been no turning back in its use. It has grown more and more popular across the world and now features many different types of saunas. Initial stages had the sauna being dug into the side of a mountain with the mountainsides acting as the insulators, in what was commonly known as underground saunas. These slowly developed into the smoke saunas that were well known for their difficulty in lighting and maintaining the fire as well as too much smoke on the walls of the sauna. The chimney saunas were developed to try and avert some of the smoke to the outside rather than the inside of the sauna, and they came immediately after the smoke saunas. At this point, technology had already advanced, and that is why we had the electric saunas.

Top Sauna Trends 2019

Image: Public Saunas. Photo taken from Saunas SALT

Over time so much changed with the saunas but the bathing remained intact till today. The coming of the electric saunas made sauna bathing a lot easier than before. People now dealt with no smoke on the walls and no lost time in trying to light the fires. After the electric saunas, many companies have come up with different types of saunas that have now included the very convenient mini saunas in the homes.

What are the Top Sauna Trends in 2019?

The year 2019 has seen quite a development in the sauna bathing experience in general. Some of the trending sauna practices include:

  • Going on long sauna bathing vacations. As opposed to going for numerous holidays with numerous activities therein, people are now turning to go for sauna vacations where they do nothing bath is the heat of the sauna. Many short sauna bathing episodes are interjected with swimming in the lakes or pool, or sometimes in the ice holes that are dug during winter. They say that the sauna becomes more effective with frequent use, and as such, people are now taking to having many sauna bathing episodes in one day as a wellness trend to harness the full potential of the health effects of the sauna.

Top Sauna Trends 2019

Image: Sauna in the Forest. Photo taken from TripAdvisor.

  • Having sauna in the forests or natural surroundings is yet another trend in the sauna bathing. For a long time saunas were set in the cities and town settings, but as time went by, saunas are now being built in the most natural of settings like in the woods, the shores of the lake, or in the forest. Even home sauna owners prefer the setting to be in the backyard or on the porch, as much as possible away from the noise and air pollution. In countries like Finland, sauna bathing is treated as a holy activity, and the benefits can only be felt more in a tranquil environment. Combining the benefits of the sauna bathing episodes with those harnessed from the fresh air and natural settings of the woods, the effects will be achieved even faster.
  • Sauna for children is slowly becoming a common happening too. You see, the benefits of the sauna are massive, and each sauna bathing episode brings tons of health benefits to the body. The heat from the sauna penetrates the skin and flushes out harmful toxins through the skin pores via the sweat. That is why frequent sauna use has been in the frontline in increasing immunity in the users as well as treating any conditions that are experienced by avid users. A common condition experienced in children is the common cold or flu. It is in most cases associated with cold, and it affects the respiratory system. When exposed to frequent sauna use, children have this problem lifted considerably, and most of them have been reported to have a great immunity boost as to experience very minimal or no flu cases in the future.

Top Sauna Trends 2019

Image: Celtic Sauna for Children. Photo taken from Tatralandia.

  • Sauna bathing at home has continued to take a rising trend. As opposed to before the current times, people initially used to go to the sauna in town or a different location. It has gradually died off considerably although some people still visit saunas outside their homes. It is not only time consuming, but it also makes you a little uncomfortable knowing you are sitting there, and you are so far from home. Home saunas are convenient and easy to access anytime you want to, and they offer freedom to do whatever you want as you are in charge. Home saunas also let you invite friends over for any functions or even to relax therein. Additionally, with your home sauna, you can have unlimited sauna bathing day and night without worry.

Top Sauna Trends 2019

Image: Rebirth Pro Barrel Mini Sauna. Photo taken from pinterest

  • Barrel mini saunas are a trend that is on the rise every other day. Mini saunas are more like the home saunas, but a lot smaller to take in one person at a time. Also, they are moderately small and portable and are easy to install in your home. They require very minimal space and have the same health benefits a regular sauna has or even better. For instance, the mini saunas are made from cedar wood which, when heated, diffuses the aromatic scent of cedar in the air, and it adds to the great sauna feeling and healing benefits.
  • Use of herbs and twigs still goes on until today. This sauna habit was invented in Finland when people could use popular twigs to beat their skin to enhance proper blood circulation, reduce itching from the mosquito bites, as well as to soothe the skin for a more relaxing sauna bath. As much as it was a common practice during the smoke and chimney sauna eras, it has carried on centuries later. As it turns out, this practice still lives on in some countries and may keep going because of the benefits of the twigs.

In Conclusion 

Sauna trends tend to change from time to time, but some of the trends may just be carried on from generation to generation. There is one thing that remains constant, though, and it is the fact that the health benefits of the sauna will never die.

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