Infrared Saunas Will Not Detoxify You

Infrared Saunas Will Not Detoxify You

There is an argument that infrared saunas do not detoxify the body. One of the many reasons the avid infrared sauna users use them is because of their ability to detox the body effectively. By detoxing, we mean here that the heat produced by the infrared rays in the sauna penetrates your skin and makes you sweat profusely. Now, while you sweat, you release a lot of toxins from your body through the sweat. Toxins are any substances in the body that are harmful to your general wellbeing. They include excess salts, acids, metals, and fats, among others.

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There is an argument that the traditional saunas that use the dry heat do not detox as deep as the infrared saunas do. This is because they produce very high temperature from outside, with very high humidity percentages as well, making the sessions pretty much short. As for the infrared saunas, the rays penetrate your skin, melt the fat and other toxins from the inside, and then flush them out as you sweat. You can do more extended sessions as the humidity is manageable, and you do not feel the excess heat on your skin; it is from within, not without.

How does the Infrared Sauna Detoxify You?

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As opposed to the traditional steam saunas that flush out only three percent of the toxins in your body per session, the infrared saunas have been said to flush out a high twenty percent of toxins from your body in one sitting. You practically have to go for seven traditional sauna sessions to match with one infrared sauna session! That said, it is no wonder everyone is turning to the infrared saunas at a high rate. Almost all celebrities that are endorsing sauna use are pointing towards the infrared saunas. It will detoxify you seven times more than the regular steam saunas.

Secondly, the fact that the infrared rays of the infrared sauna can penetrate your skin more than two inches deeper than the regular saunas is a plus. The rays can reach deeper into the body to flush out the toxins launched deeper into the body, which the regular steam saunas may not reach. This is even better for the people that are striving for weight loss using the infrared saunas. It merely means that the infrared saunas will burn more body fat than the regular steam saunas.

Another way to look at it would be that the steam saunas act on your body from the outside while the infrared saunas act from inside. While it will take a little longer for action from outside to be effected, it is usually much faster when the action is from within. Once the infrared rays penetrate your skin, you start to sweat out the toxins immediately.

The heat of the infrared saunas is highly tolerable as compared to that of the steam saunas. Experts advise that you should not stay more than thirty minutes in the steam saunas, to avoid dehydration and other health conditions. As for the infrared saunas, you can stay as long as you wish in the sauna. The heat is very tolerable, and the humidity too is much lower. Sessions can go for as long as fifty minutes.

Infrared saunas use these rays that have been said to cure illnesses like cancer and pain episodes. This is because the rays are chemical-based, harmful to the cancerous cells, but safe for the body. Since the heat is not as high as in the steam saunas, many users opt for them because they have a less negative impact and more positive benefits.

So why the Argument that Infrared Saunas Do Not Detoxify the Body?

Scientists and experts of the body studies have occasionally written about how our body detoxify. They insist that the body has a way of naturally detoxifying itself via the significant body organs like the kidneys and the liver. They go ahead to say that it is the reason that the body quickly breaks down when the two organs are not working. It is also the reason that people that do not use the infrared saunas are still able to have their natural detoxification processes.

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The twenty percent of toxins flushed out of the body via sweat in the infrared saunas is a little too much, according to the studies. The body can only store so many toxins within its systems before it becomes a health threat. They advise that, other than rushing to the infrared saunas, people should instead visit the doctors and have their toxins level evaluated and adjusted medically.

Another point from which you should look at it is that the rays that are exposed to your body inside the infrared saunas are quite high. They may pose more significant health hazards to your body’s major organs and end up with you having more health conditions to battle with as opposed to taking them all away. Their simple advice is that you should consult your physician before entering the infrared sauna, whether or not you have any health conditions to deal with.


So, should we or should we not believe that the infrared saunas detoxify the body? According to the experts, no; but realistically speaking, it is good to consider the benefits of these saunas in our health. It is good to look at the other benefits they are giving to the body and think of them as the reasons to go into the infrared saunas. Consider weight loss, think to reenergize and rejuvenate, think improved immunity, think boosted blood circulation, think a relaxed body and mind, and even the general skin and hair appearance of the avid infrared sauna users. Mainly, there are more reasons to use the saunas than otherwise, and if we focus on that, we may realize that the detoxification process just happened along the way. Detoxification does not have to be about heavy metals and acids, but by the time the body has lost excess fat and left you healthier and physically fitter, you will realize that you have indeed lost some toxins from your body; fat deposits.

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