Can Sauna Protect you from Coronavirus? Let’s Check The Facts!

First and Foremost

There are no sauna-coronavirus studies yet. Also, there is still no research if saunas can get rid of coronavirus. We still need to know a lot of facts about COVID-19. 

We shouldn’t think for now that saunas have a beneficial effect on killing coronavirus. There’s no basis yet on thinking that saunas can be the waited solution for a person who already has the virus. As a matter of fact, saunas might bring an unwanted effect due to dehydration, and of course, saunas are not a good place to spend time with for this moment.


So we get it, it is not yet totally proven by studies and lab tests on the sauna-coronavirus thing. But still, there is no harm in wondering “can sauna get rid of coronavirus?”

Cooking Viruses. Is it possible?

While it is still uncertain what could be the right temperature to kill coronavirus, it appears that the same perception does not apply to cook food.

A big appreciation of those presumptions that a specific sauna’s temperature can get rid of coronavirus. 

It is true that saunas’  temperature is enough to kill coronavirus. But it still depends on where the coronavirus is. 

If the virus is already on your skin, there’s a big chance of getting rid of it in a Finnish sauna. Saunas’ temperature can reach up to 100-degree Celsius (212-degree F), it is much hotter than the suggested cooking temperature to fight coronavirus. 


Once again, it is not an issue to say that cooking with these temperatures will get rid of coronavirus. But it has finer points with how that extreme temperature hits our body. 

By using an infrared thermometer, you will know how hot your skin is in a sauna. 

Remember that Sauna is not a CURE

Saunas could produce temperatures that are effective in killing coronavirus, so as hairdryers. It is not yet proven on making successful treatment.

1. If You’re Already Infected With The Virus, Sauna Will Not Kill It.

Infrared Saunas, Steam Baths,  and Dry Saunas can’t kill the coronavirus that has reached someone’s lungs. 

When you inhale, it is already mixed with air that is already present in your body to protect you from the extremes of hot or cold air. Normal body temperature in your lungs will stay 37 Celsius regardless of the length of time you stayed in the sauna. That’s how the thermal regulation system in your body in action is!

So it’s already too late to get rid of coronavirus when it is already in your lungs. Even a good Finnish sauna will be helpless. 

An interview by Joe Rogan to Michael Osterholm, an expert on infectious disease, emphasizes that saunas can’t cure COVID-19. 

2. Gyms And Sauna Can Increase the COVID-19 Cases

Going to the public sauna and gym during this global pandemic is not a safe move for you and your family. Especially if you feel sick, traveled just recently, or have direct contact with someone who is sick, going to public places is a big NO-NO!

Moreover, even if a sauna has extreme temperature there are still some places in the sauna that stay cool enough for viruses to survive. Some places are not carefully cleaned because of the perception that saunas hot temperatures can kill everything. 

3. Saunas Can Cause Dehydration.

It’s not easy to keep yourself hydrated on and after a sauna session. So it’s ideal to delay your desire to visit a sauna or just lessen the session duration.

The Benefits of Sauna in A COVID-19 Outbreak

Since we don’t see saunas as a direct solution to COVID-19, giving home saunas a try might give beneficial effects. 


Besides, there’s a lot of proven health benefits of sauna. It detoxifies your body through sweating. The sauna helps improve your cardiovascular system. As well as it gives you the urge to have a deeper sleep. It may sound too good to be true but a sauna might kill coronavirus on your skin and the people who sauna do live longer. 

Other Ways To Guard Yourself Against Covid-19:

1. Stay at home. It slows the spread of COVID-19. Staying at home refrain you from non-essential activities and interactions.

2. Always wash your hands with soap. This is a simple way to protect yourself from Covid-19. 

3. Avoid public places and find alternatives. If possible, just work or study from home instead of going out. It is also important that you avoid big gatherings. 

4. Wear face coverings if going outside is REALLY needed. It will protect you and the people around you. You’ll never know if you are already a carrier of the virus.

5. Take Vitamin C and sanitize your hand with sanitizer and alcohol. There are clinical trials that show the positive effect of it in preventing the virus to spread.

Important Points To Ponder

A sauna has a lot of known health benefits but still, there is still two crucial consideration:

First, hydration — an important part of a sauna routine especially if you are sick. So, avoid being dehydrated and make sure you intake sufficient fluids before planning for a sauna.

Second, don’t take the risk of going to a sauna if you have the flu. Be extra considerate to yourself and to the people around you.

For now, a home sauna is the most recommended way to safely fight the virus.


The extreme temperature of the sauna might kill coronavirus but not Covid-19, especially if it already reaches the lungs.

Sauna might prepare your body from fighting coronavirus, based on its positive effect on those who suffered colds and pneumonia. In fact, it decreases mortality-rate.

Let’s use these challenging times to meditate, reflect, find a new hobby, read those books on the shelf, or to have more time with your family– intimate chats, movie marathon, or cook your favorite dish together. 

Remember, safety first and we are all in this together. Wish you the best!

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