How to Buy Cedar Barrel Sauna

The sauna and spa lifestyle has never been more accessible to the modern-day household thanks to the emerging trend of portable saunas. A relatively new innovation, the portable sauna comes in a couple of variations, one of which is the cedar barrel sauna. We’ll be tackling in this article the various advantages of a cedar barrel sauna and the things you should be considering when deciding to buy your very own model.

Why a Cedar Barrel Sauna?

Image: Rebirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna. Photo taken from SmartHomeReviews.

The modern professional is nomadic. Constantly changing locations, addresses, and home towns – we are always on the move nowadays. This gives individuals a truly liberating sense of flexibility but has its fair share of complications that need addressing. One of these would have to be avoiding purchasing any home additions that would prove to be too stationary and permanent. Home saunas, or at least the traditional ones, would have to be one type of home addition that would be too much of an investment for the modern professional. Even those of us who are looking to add an outdated, steam-driven sauna room to the house to add some real estate value would find themselves wanting; having an old-school home sauna adds close to zero estimated value to the house.

Portable saunas solve this dilemma. Imagine having your very own cedar barrel sauna with you everywhere you go. You get to bring with you the healing experience of a spa when you change locations. There are even variations that are easily disassembled. These cedar barrel types are typically easier to maintain, put together, and take apart for easy transportation.

What are Cedar Barrel Saunas?

Cedar barrel saunas are portable saunas that make use of a steam generator to give users the full spa experience. The convenience and relaxation that cedar barrel saunas give prove to be life-changing for most users.

The design of most cedar barrel saunas was specifically made to incite an organic naturally healing sauna experience. As the name suggests, the main material used in its production is cedarwood; everything else is made of durable stainless steel. High-quality materials are key in making a long-lasting, high-end product, and this is what sets cedar barrel sauna from most other types of portable spas.

Image: Inside of a Mini Cedar Barrel Saunas.

When it comes to setup, cedar barrel saunas only take about fifteen minutes to warm up and be ready for use. Full-sized saunas and hot tubs take hours sometimes to get ready for use.

Versatility is another one of the cedar barrel sauna’s strong suits. With its ease of operation and simplicity in design, cedar barrel saunas can be used by children, adults, and the elderly, regardless of physical condition and level of athleticism. Professional MMA fighters use cedar barrel saunas just as easily as your own grandparent would.

The Benefits

Cedarwood has long been known to have various healing properties. Thousands of years of use have told us that the essential oils found in the wood are useful for fending off fungal infections and can be used for organic, holistic healing treatments.

Records have shown that even ancient civilizations have used spas and steam as a means to treat the sick and injured. Vikings of old, the ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, Ottomans, and even Japanese Samurai have utilized dry air saunas for their rejuvenating properties. With different cultures came different ways of building and using saunas. However, one thing was common with all these old, traditional spas – they were used to detoxify, to calm, and to rejuvenate.

Image: Octagonal Shape Cedar Barrel Sauna.

Modern-day cedar barrel saunas will give you a substantial boost in your mood, physical health, and emotional state. Happiness is something you can expect every day with the thought of coming back home to relax in your portable sauna, always on the back of your mind. You won’t be remiss in wanting to treat yourself like the nobles of old with your very own home steam bath.

Supplement your sauna experience with a nice, relaxing bath afterward. Maybe add some bath salts, a nice facial mask, and some relaxing incense to really complete the spa experience. You could pay upwards of a thousand dollars at any spa to get this kind of treatment, but why spend that much money and leave the comfort of your home when you can just have your very own spa available for use at any time?

Should I be the Owner of a Cedar Barrel Sauna?

At the end of the day, it would always be your choice when it comes to deciding whether you want a full-fledged sauna room in your home, a hot tub, or a compact cedar barrel. We would be remiss if we did not remind you that in making any major purchases, it is always wise to think about all the options and consider all the reasons you want to make the purchase in the first place. There is almost an unlimited amount of choices when it comes to products like these, so before deciding which one you would prefer, do your research. That could spell the difference between a couple of wasted thousands or the sauna of your dreams.

Image: Rebirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna. Photo taken from smarthomereviews.

Now, the reason for getting an affordable portable sauna for your home really boils down to this: affordable and convenient relaxation. If you’re the type of owner who doesn’t feel comfortable shelling out way too much money for a home spa, then cedar barrel saunas are for you. If you’re the type of homeowner who often thinks about the benefits of spa treatment but doesn’t have the time to get out of the house and make a day out of going to a spa, then the cedar barrel sauna is perfect for you.

Ask yourself how much you’re willing to invest in a ready-to-go home relaxation sauna. Try to figure out how often you would be using it. Do your research on the models you are interested in and consider things such as warranties, customer service, and customer reviews. After considering all these things, you will hopefully be more than ready to make the right decision. 

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