Benefits of Cedarwood

Benefits of Cedarwood

Cedarwood benefits have been in existence since time immemorial. The ancient Egyptians used cedarwood in many ways, one of the many ways being embalming their dead. Seeing that it worked so well, it is evident then, that cedarwood is a natural master of so many arts. For you to experience the real cedarwood benefits, you have to put the seeds of the cedar trees through distillation to achieve their oils. The essential cedarwood oil is used on various occasions through several channels. Needless to say, cedarwood essential oil is safe and has been proved to be effective and can be used on both children and grown-ups, after testing their response to its effects. It’s absolutely amazing. 

Channels of using Cedarwood Essential Oils

Depending on the ailment, one is suffering from; cedarwood essential oil is used differently.

Image: Direct Application on the Skin. Photo taken from Locaci.

Application on the skin. Direct application on the skin ensures that the essential oil is absorbed into the body directly through the skin. The oil can be applied all over the bod if one is suffering from a skin condition affecting the whole body. The oil can also be used on the temples or the spot where the action is needed. For healing from migraines, for instance, the application is made on the forehead or the sides of the head. For quick absorption, experts advice application on the back of the ears followed by a slight massage. For abdominal discomforts, apply directly to the abdomen and massage or rub lightly to let it sink in.

Direct inhaling. These essential oils can be inhaled directly from the bottle. This is the fastest way of getting the full benefits of the cedarwood essential oil. It goes straight to the lungs where it is absorbed into the body directly. Cedarwood has a sweet aroma to it and as such will not irritate the respiratory system at all. Inhaling cedarwood essential oil alleviates headaches and respiratory system disorders, and to a large extent, help to calm people with hyperactivity disorders. 

Diffusion in the air. The essential oils can be diffused using simple diffusers in such a way that it fills the room, and then it is inhaled. Apart from enhancing a sweet aroma in your home, cedarwood oil diffusing helps to calm down the mind and alleviate stress. This has been proved to work for patients of ADHD and those with mental instability and depression.

 It is used in baths. These essential oils are also used in baths. A few drops are added to the bathwater in a tub, then, you enter and soak in the tub for a given period to let it sink in and be absorbed by the body for best results. This is exceptionally efficient for young children or those with skin rashes and other skin conditions. 

Massage and rub. The benefits of the essential oils run deep into the massage parlors where, instead of using just any other oil, the masseuse uses the cedarwood essential oils to massage your whole body, rubbing it into the skin. The oil is then absorbed by the skin cells to rejuvenate the entire body and ensure proper circulation of blood. The essential oil massages result in healthy and glowing skin. 

Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oils

Imaged: Cedarwood Essential Oil. Photo taken from UpNature.

The benefits of cedarwood essential oil are many and date back in time. But their effectiveness depends on the method of use and frequency of use.

Disinfect and inhibit infections. Cedarwood is a natural antiseptic. It was initially used even as an anesthetic drug. In its diluted form, cedarwood essential oil is applied topically to wound to kill germs and fasten their healing. The oil is also useful in treating stubborn fungal infection faster and keeping them away for good.

Air freshener and aroma. Diffusing the essential oils in your home helps to rid the house of any bad or strong smells and leave behind a lingering sweet aroma that is easy on the nose and calming to the mind. 

It heals several conditions. The essential oil has been used to treat conditions like acne and hair loss, with eventual gradual positive results. Being a natural anti-inflammatory compound, cedar oil has been used to treat sore joints and arthritis successfully. Inhaling or diffusing the cedarwood oil helps ease discomforts in the respiratory systems. 

Stress alleviation and symptoms of stress. Cedarwood oil has quick absorption properties that make it enter the body system fast. The oil reduces greatly to stress and depression and any symptoms associated with such conditions. This factor is best achieved through diffusing cedarwood essential oil into the air. It brings a great calm to the nervous system and calms the mind. It can make you sleep better if you suffer from insomnia and stress.

Skin-care and detoxifying the body. The essential oil penetrates your skin and flushes out all the fat cells that cause irritation to the skin, and conditions like pimples and acne. Frequent regular use of this fantastic oil ensures the skin is always looking healthy and glowing.

Healthy mental state. Inhaling the essential oil of cedarwood ensures you have a stable mental state. No wonder it has been used successfully in patients with mental disorders and conditions like ADHD. Use it when you have your yoga practice to ensure a more relaxed environment for exercise, flexibility, and meditation. 

Benefits of Cedarwood

Cedarwood essential oil has numerous benefits that may not be mentioned in one sitting. In a more practical way, these essential oils’ benefits touch on all the health cycles. For acute skin conditions, consult with your doctor first before application. Some people have reported itchiness and severe reactions from cedarwood essential oil. To reduce these reactions, do not use the cedarwood essential oil in its concentrated form. It has to be diluted for better results and to be mild on you. On some occasions, you will need to use the cedarwood essential oil in conjunction with other essential oils for better and faster results.

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