You have decided that you are ready for a sauna – but where do you really start? There are lots of things you will need to consider when getting a sauna or a spa room of your dreams. We are here to tell you what are some of the important ideas that you need to think about when making the purchase of your life.

Home Sauna Buying Guide

There are a couple of things to consider when getting started on researching the sauna of your dreams. These are the things you would want to consider first:

  • 1. Your budget;
  • 2. Think about how much space do you have;
  • 3. Read some recommendations;
  • 4. Explore your own desires.

Think About Your Budget

We all know that some saunas may be unaffordable or very hard to build. You would require a large space with a steam generator that comes separately. Most importantly, those heat generators are costing thousands of dollars, if you are considering a good one.

We are here to recommend a product that can be worth every penny. We are talking about the new and trendy Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Saunas. These saunas do not cost that much and a steam generator comes right with the sauna.

Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel saunas are an incredible and affordable gift to your family members, in-laws, your children, your friends. There are lots of people who may enjoy this wonderful nature’s gift.

Think About The Space You Might Need

Usually, the saunas that some people are thinking about getting these large spaces, that are outdated, hard to maintain, and very complicated to install. They will require quite a lot of space, even a whole room, where you could have potentially had a hot tub installed, or made a bathroom out of it.

With Rebirth PRO saunas, space is not an issue. All you need is four by five feet of space. Now, how incredible is that? You may put your cedar barrel in the patio, in your garden, next to the pool, or even just in your bathroom. These saunas are easy to maintain, easy to install and disassemble when moving away. Try disassembling the whole clumsy sauna room – now you would not like that!

If you get the old-fashioned sauna room, moving it away would not be an option. You would have to just leave the sauna with new owners. To be honest, the price of your house would not change that much, if you are selling one with a sauna. Most importantly, just think about all the money you have already spent or it – material and maintenance combined!

Read Some Recommendations

There are lots of well-known websites that review particularly the spa industry, like, or others. You would want to spend a lot of time researching different products since it’s not just a couple of hundred bucks that you are spending.

Take time, consider your space, your budget and your own personal needs. The research may take up to a month! But, trust us, it is well worth the time and effort.

Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Saunas are fairly new in the United States. There are a couple of positive articles that are written about them already. We cannot wait for more. How incredible is that these products already have some crazy publicity and they have only been in the US for less than a year!

Explore Your Own Desires

Think about some of the things that you personally need from a sauna. Is it going to be for personal use, or is it going to be a social experience? Is it for your mental health, relaxation, and rejuvenation, or is it going to a muscle relief procedure? Maybe both? Are you watching your weight and hoping to use the sauna as a way to control your body shape? How often are you going to use this healing bath procedure?

Think about all those things and decide for yourself. We can tell you though, that the Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Saunas are made for all those things.

Firstly, these saunas will be perfect for personal use. There are a special step and a latch on the inside that will help you enjoy this organic experience all by yourself. Secondly, this could also be a social thing, where you invite some friends over and enjoy it one by one, alternating with a shower and a pool. Just think about this – Cedar Barrel’s steam generator is so powerful it can heat the whole barrel in just fifteen minutes! So, if you and your friends decide to do it today, or next time – it will be ready for you in minutes! Just so you know – regular room sauna and hot tubs can take up to ten hours to get ready for your use. That is just so inconvenient!

Finally, Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Saunas are perfect for mental and physical health. They are amazing for those who do the heavy lifting, and strenuous exercises, as well as for those who are watching their weight. They are also incredible for elderly people and those, who experience constant muscle and joint pain.

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