Personal Cedar Barrel Sauna


Material: Organic cedar wood
Steam generator material: Stainless steel

The “Personal” Cedar barrel is one of the most popular types of our products. It has a unique combination of a compact design and a low price. The rectangular shape will provide a comfortable space for long legs, and can be used by people of all heights.

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– A 3-year warranty
– Adjustable seat and foot rest made of organic cedar tree
– 3 levels of seat leverage
– Inner and outer handles and a latch made of organic cedar tree
– Condensate drain
Household steam generator
– User manual
– Certificates of excellence
– May be delivered dismounted for tight spaces

Due to the design of the “Personal” model of the cedar barrel, it still allows larger people to feel comfortable inside, but is not as wide as our other versions.

Convenient handles from the inside, allow you to sit comfortably inside the barrel and independently enjoy the healing steam. The Demountable build allows for easy relocations through small spaces. This model also contains a cedar wood seat that has three different levels for people of all heights.

This design comes with a powerful steam generator that will keep it’s compact size and shape warm. Inside the barrel is a comfortable footrest and a condensation tray is located underneath. The unique design of the cedar barrel makes it possible to disassemble and assemble it in less than 15 minutes. You will feel the maximum level of comfort and enjoyment!

Additional information

Weight 88 lbs

4.2 ft. (130cm)


2.4 ft. (75 cm)


2.3 ft. (70 cm)

Thickness of the wall

1 in. (25-30 mm)

Thickness of the frame

1.6 in. (40-45 mm)

Total volume in the package

10.5 cubic feet (0.3 cubic meters)


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