HERB MIX – “Slim Waist”


Consists of: Burdock Root, Common Knotgrass, St. John’s Wort from the Altai Foothills

Comprising of Burdock Root, Common Knotgrass, and St. John’s Wort from the Altai Foothills, Slim Waist possesses excellent weight loss properties. This all-natural herbal mix improves the function of the lymphatic system and microcirculation to relieve inflammation and remove toxins from the body.

This herbal mix targets the bodies natural lymphatic drainage system by increasing microcirculation. The product consists of Burdock Root, Knotgrass, and St. John’s Wort from the Altai Mountains that will detox the body and remove inflammation and swelling. It is ideal for those looking to shed a few more pounds or fit into a tight dress.

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