HERB MIX – “After Party”


Consist of: Fireweed, Pine Needles of Altai Cedar, Alpine Bergenia

A delicately soothing blend of fireweed, alpine bergenia, and pine needles of Altai cedar, After Party improves recovery from hangovers, treats headaches, relieves muscle pain and soreness, and detoxifies the body.

Removing hangover syndrome, headache and muscle pain, detox effect. Improvement of the general condition of the body, restoration of efficiency and good mood. The “After Party” herbal mix helps fight the many diverse symptoms of a long night out the day before. This group of herbs helps reduce headaches and muscle pains. The fireweed, pine needles of Altai, and alpine bergenia help with the natural detox effect and will soothe even the worst hangovers.


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Weight 2 lbs


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