HERB MIX” – “Mountain Breeze”


Consist of: Mountain Lavender, Fragrant Forest Melissa, Fir Needles

Mountain Breeze is a delicately satisfying blend of mountain lavender, fragrant forest melissa, and fit needles that produce excellent soothing and relaxing effects. An ideal choice for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle, the herbal mix improves the quality of sleep, relieves nervousness, and treats chronic fatigue syndrome, thereby leaving a person feeling refreshed and energetic.

This herbal mix focuses on a full relaxation, anti-insomnia, overexcitation, nervousness and chronic fatigue syndrome. The mix consists of mountain lavender, fragrant forest melissa, and fir needles to instill a deep sense of peace and tranquility in the mind and body. The herbs will remove mild pressure from the head, deepening of respiration, and helps remove muscle spasms.

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