HERB MIX – “Anti-Cellulite Complex”


Consist of: Filipendula, Burdock Root, Horsetail from Altai Foothills

Designed for women who want to improve the appearance of their lumpy, uneven skin, Anti-Cellulite Complex is a unique blend of burdock root, Filipendula, and horsetail from Altai Foothills. The herbal mix improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to facilitate the removal of toxins and treat cellulite.

Plants that are part of this collection are widely used in the treatment of cellulite. This mix takes out excess water and promotes weight loss in a natural way. The filipendula , burdock root, and horsetail from the Altai Mountains improves microcirculation, lymphatic drainage, and instill a detox effect. It is a powerful prevention and treatment of cellulite in complex programs to restore healthy skin.


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Weight 2 lbs


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